The Best Love Matches for a Sagittarius
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The Best Love Matches for a Sagittarius

As a Sagittarius, you already know you are lucky by nature, curious almost to a fault and are often described as the life of the party. You have tried dating, thought you found your perfect match a time or two, but it didn’t work out. Understanding what signs are most compatible with you as a feisty, outgoing Sagittarius woman can help you avoid heartache and find your soul mate.


The personality features of a Sagittarius are important to consider when searching for love, because it will help you determine what sign would be most compatible. The Sagittarius is known for being outgoing and friendly. In fact, according to the Explore Astrology website, the Sagittarius is confident and loves her freedom as well as believes in giving appropriate freedom to those around her. The Sagittarius is not a wallflower or known for sitting at home. Any love match the Sagittarius finds must be willing to socialize.


While a Sagittarius is outgoing and fun-loving, she can also be careless and self-indulgent, which can give the appearance of selfishness. She will also tend to exaggerate about things, which, for some other astrological signs, can be a deal breaker. The Sagittarius is also prone to make errors. In love, it is important that the Sagittarius be matched with a sign that is willing to accept these idiosyncrasies in exchange for a dynamite personality and outgoing nature.


Astrology experts believe the best love matches for a Sagittarius are people born in the sign of Leo or Aries. An Aries is believed to be a good match in temperament for the feisty Sagittarius. In addition, a Leo is considered to have the perfect personality to keep up with a Sagittarius because he doesn’t feel the need to outshine her perky personality.


A Sagittarius is sexually curious. If this characteristic is partnered with a timid or reserved astrological sign, it could be a disaster. A relationship with an Aries or Leo, however, will take care of the bedroom needs as each sign is going to be compatible with the Sagittarian’s tendency to explore and think outside the box.


While Sagittarius loves to argue, a partner who is an Aries will diffuse that desire by refusing to engage in the discussion. Aries are easygoing and confident by nature. They do not have the need to prove they are right. This provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful relationship. An Aries partner will enjoy socializing as much as his Sagittarius counterpart, providing a buddy for life when it comes to party hopping.

When it comes to love and Leos, the Sagittarius couldn’t find anyone more in tune with her need for freedom. A Leo partner shares that love as well as a passion for social stimulation and the making of new friendships. When it comes to seeking adventure, the Leo will keep up with, if not surpass, the Sagittarius socialite. Marriage between these two signs is recommended as the similarities of the personalities will make a lasting loyal and happy union.

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