Home Products That Will Remove Body Hair Easily
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Home Products That Will Remove Body Hair Easily

Beauty supply stores are full of products that allow you to remove unwanted hair easily at home. Removing unwanted body hair is sure to involve some pain or mess and take some time. Home products do however, offer an easy way to remove hair anytime without the expense and time spent at a salon.


Tweezers allow you to pluck individual hairs with little to no pain. These are best for areas that don’t have a lot of hair to remove, such as the eyebrow area. They are also handy to have on hand when you notice a stray hair or two that you missed using another product.


Two types of home wax products designed for hair removal are on the market. With a standard wax, you heat the wax in the microwave, spread it on your leg or wherever else you wish to have hair removed, and then place a strip of cloth over the wax. You lift off the wax and pull out the hairs. Other types of wax products save time by having the wax already spread on a strip of waxy paper. These you heat with your hands or blow dryer, press on to your leg and then pull off. With the ready-to-go wax strip, you get convenience and less of a mess, but it can take several boxes to remove all the hair from both legs. With both types of products, you can remove hair from almost any part of your body. Waxing to remove hair brings the longest-lasting benefits, but it can cause more irritation, ingrown hairs and some pain.


Depilatory creams work by chemically dissolving the hair. These tend to reduce the hair to just below the skin’s surface (better than a razor), but not as far as the root, like waxing. Unlike waxing however, there is less pain involved, as you simply spread the cream on your skin, wait the allotted time and then remove the cream with the provided tool or sponge while in the shower. If you have sensitive skin, do a small test of the cream first as these can cause skin irritations.


Epilators are devices that resemble electric razors, but they work differently. Equipped with several minute tweezers, epilators pull several hairs out at one time. The “Woman’s Day Magazine” website reports that the amount of pain experienced with these varies by individual. Side effects are similar to waxing with potential reddening of the skin and ingrown hairs.

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