How to Make Cute Birthday Party Decorations
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How to Make Cute Birthday Party Decorations

Handmade birthday party decorations have great appeal, being more customized and special than their packaged counterparts. Rather than have matching characters, patterns or colors for everything, go for a more eclectic aesthetic by creating cute birthday decorations that incorporate recycled materials, craft items, the guest of honor’s hobbies, humorous themes and even party food. Everything from your birthday party’s lighting and invitations to the party favors can feature handmade elements.

Step 1

Choose a cute theme for the event. Brainstorm ideas with the guest of honor so that you can incorporate interests, hobbies, places, colors, designs or characters she likes. For do-it-yourself decorations, simple and more abstract themes work best, such as polka dots, travel, fantasy and bright color combinations.

Step 2

Scan your house and neighborhood yard sales for items you can recycle into cute handmade birthday decorations. Plain boxes and bags only need wrapping, paint or embellishments to personalize them. Travel magazines and toy catalogs may feature images of places or characters you can clip out for a collage banner or to personalize invitations.

Step 3

Create a focal point. Print out large letters in different fonts, spelling out the guest of honor’s name on card stock. Customize each sheet of paper by painting on designs, rubber stamping images or drawing with stencils. Suspend the birthday banner over the table with fishing line.

Step 4

Scatter confetti, sequins and glitter over solid-colored table linens, plain party dishes and simple wrapping paper to give it a more festive look. Extend the look to plain white party favor bags by gluing on sequins and confetti or have guests customize the bags themselves.

Step 5

Add flowers to your party decorations for an elegant touch. For outdoor summer parties, live flowers, vines and plantings may adorn tables and the boundaries of the seating area. For indoor parties. a single elaborate bouquet makes a statement, while small bud vases with single blossoms, a bright leaf or a sprig of herb has subtle style. Twine tissue paper or cloth flowers around chairs and gifts for more color.

Step 6

Extend the theme to your party food and cake. Decorate a tower of cupcakes with bright sprinkles and candies, or prepare a layer cake with bright frosting.

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