Birthday Party Ideas for a Husband
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Birthday Party Ideas for a Husband

Your husband’s big day is coming up, and you want to throw him a party he’ll remember for a long time–or at least until his next birthday. Planning a party of any size takes time and effort. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends, siblings or children.

The Element of Surprise

Surprise parties are always fun, especially if the guests can keep the party a secret from the birthday boy until the big day. You’ll have to extra clever when you plan a surprise birthday party. With one slip of the tongue or dropped hint, your husband is likely to guess what’s going on. Don’t act as though you’ve completely forgotten his birthday, as doing that may make him suspicious. Keep him in the dark by saying you want to go out for a simple dinner for his birthday, then take him to the party’s location where all your friends are hiding.

Theme Party

Picking a theme for a birthday party will help you plan the details, from the food to the activities. Choose a theme that fits with your husband’s interests. For instance, structure the party around your husband’s favorite movie or television show. You can ask guests to come dressed as characters from the show or movie if you think they would like to. You can also pick a theme based on the type of food your husband likes or an era he constantly references.

Dance Party

Hire a DJ for your husband’s party. Hold the party at a reception hall if your budget allows or clear a dance floor at your home if there is enough space. If your husband’s birthday falls during the spring or summer months, you may want to host an outdoor dance party. Check with your local park to see what the rules are about hosting large events there. You can also hire a band to play music or attempt to reunite your husband’s old band, if he was in one.

Game Night

Plan your husband’s birthday party around a sporting event or have the party focus on playing games. If your husband enjoys poker or cards, set up an elaborate poker night and invite a group of his friends over. You can also plan the party around group board games, such as Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary. If your husband is a sports fan, take him and several friends to a home baseball or football game.

Quiet Party

You don’t have to go all out when planning your husband’s party. As people get older, sometimes all they want is a quiet party at home with their spouse and children. If your husband wants something small or simple, invite his parents and siblings over for a potluck dinner. You can also celebrate his birthday by going on a family camping trip or weekend getaway.

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