10-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas
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10-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

Ten-year-olds are an interesting bunch. They are well on their way to those awkward preteen years, yet they still have some remnants of childhood about them. Give your 10-year-old a birthday party that respects this paradox. Your child and his friends will feel honored and respected, while still having the time of their lives.

Digit Change

The 10th birthday may not seem monumental, but you can make a big deal out of it for your child’s sake. Although he can’t yet vote or drink and his age doesn’t end with that telling “teen,” his age is significant. He now has two digits. Make sure the cake has two number candles, one of a “one” shape and one of a “zero” shape. Remind him how exciting this is. He might roll his eyes, but he will appreciate the thought.

Respect the Age

Ten-year-olds are prepubescent kids right in the thick of it all. In fact, the mood swings may already be starting. One minute you are so great and the next moment you are just so lame. Respect this awkward time by hosting a party with details of grown-up and sophistication. Use real silverware and fine china. Get aunts or uncles and other mentors involved, especially the ones that the birthday girl thinks are cool.


Do something a little grown-up, but still really fun with your child for his 10th birthday. He might think he’s ready for race car driving. Choose go-kart driving instead. Some places even print out statistics for your young driver to compare with his friends. Girls might love their first opportunity to go to a spa with the girls. See if you can put together a special session for the girls, including a hand massage, a facial and a pedicure.


Bring your kids out to a nice restaurant for their 10th birthdays. Now is a great time to start teaching proper decorum. If the party is taking place at home, you may serve a fancy meal, such as steak or some gourmet pasta. Finish the meal with a pie, tiramisu or other upscale dessert.


Your party can take place at home, which may be the cheapest option if you have a number of kids at the party. A 10th birthday is a great time for a sleepover, as kids are starting to feel independent. For a smaller party, take the kids to an amusement park, where they may finally be tall enough for the big rides.

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