50th Birthday Party Ideas
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50th Birthday Party Ideas

Everyone knows that 50 is the new 40. Turning 50 does not have to bring the sense of dread it used to. Instead, a 50th birthday party should be a celebration of the birthday girl or boy’s half century of life, as well as a celebration of many birthdays to come. Throw yourself or your partner a milestone birthday party no one will forget for a long while.


If the birthday person doesn’t have any qualms about aging, you could use “Over the Hill” or any other old age joke as the theme of the party. Have guests bring geriatric gifts, such as adult diapers or an ear horn. Choose a theme that relates to the person’s interests if you don’t want everything to be a gag. For instance, pick a baseball theme for your sports-loving husband’s springtime birthday or a disco theme for your former dancing queen best friend.

Time Frame

Decide how long the party will last and how close to the person’s actual birthday you will have it. If the person’s birthday falls on a weekend, you may be able to throw the party on their actual birthday. The type of party you’ll have determines when and how long it will last. A picnic party in the summer can start in the early afternoon and stretch until the late evening hours, while a dinner party may only last a few hours.


Keep the birthday person’s tastes and feelings in mind when planning his party. Your husband may only want a quiet, family party to celebrate his 50th, or he may want a large party out on the town with all his friends. Some people are more sensitive than others about growing old and may not even want a party or any acknowledgment at all. You may also have to decide if the party will be adults only or if the birthday person and his friends can bring their children.


A 50th birthday party held at home may be the cheapest option, but it may not work if you want to have a large blow-out and your house is small. If you have outdoor space, consider holding the party both inside and outside. You may also want to rent a picnic area at a park for the day. If the birthday person loves to party, you may consider having a bar or restaurant crawl in lieu of a party in a fixed place.


Pick activities that fit the theme of the party. For instance, have a game of whiffle or softball going at your husband’s baseball-themed party. Hold a dance-off at your friend’s disco-era bash. Make a slide show of the birthday person through the years. You can have guests try to guess the person’s age in the pictures, and award prizes if they guess correctly. Invite guests to say a few words in honor or to poke gentle fun at the guest of honor.

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