Activities to Do at a Birthday Party
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Activities to Do at a Birthday Party

Birthday parties involve more than simply inviting a group of friends and relatives over. You need to plan things for the guests to do at your party so that they don’t feel bored or that you just invited them over for presents. Make a birthday party, whether it be for yourself, your partner or your children, a memorable time for all involved.

Time Frame

At a child’s birthday party, you may want to have one activity for the entire group going on at a time so that you can keep an eye on the young guests. At a teenager’s or an adult’s birthday party, you can have several activities going at once, so guests can pick and choose as they please. Set aside a specific time during any type of party so that everyone can sing “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honor. You may want to set aside time for opening gifts at a child’s party as well.

Classic Games

Classic games don’t get old for some people. Pin the Tail on the Donkey can be a hit at either a child’s or an adult’s party, depending on the guest’s sense of humor. A pinata can be popular with either crowd as well. You can spice up classic games, such as Bingo for an adult party by adding a betting element to them, or by turning a game, such as musical chairs, into a drinking game.


Tell everyone to come to the birthday party in costume. Select a theme for the party, if you like, such as Hollywood or the 1970s. Even adults enjoy the chance to play dress-up from time to time, so don’t worry about embarrassing anyone. If it’s a party for a child, have the guests line up and participate in a costume parade. Award prizes to all the guests for most creative costume, best homemade costume and best look-a-like costume. Skip the parade if it is a grown-up party, but still award prizes for costumes.

Entertaining Activities

Clear an area in your home for a dance floor, hire a DJ and invite guests to dance at a birthday party. Choose a musical theme, such as disco or hits from the 1980s. You could also ask the DJ to play current favorites. A dance party works for young children, too. You can lead small children in group dances such as the Hokey Pokey or turn on a popular children’s band and let them do their own thing.


Let the location of the party dictate its activities. For instance, if you are hosting a summertime birthday party outdoors, organize a game of volleyball or Frisbee. You may want to set up horseshoes or croquet, if you have the space. You can also choose the location of a party based on the activity it offered. For instance, head to a bowling alley if that is what you want to do for your birthday, or take your child and a group of her friends to a nail salon for manicures.

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