10 Best Hairstyles
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10 Best Hairstyles

Some hairstyles come and go while others stick around and are worn by women day and night. While an elaborate hairstyle may be great for a special event, for your everyday look, you will want to stick with something that’s quick and simple, and most importantly, that looks good on you. The best hairstyles can be adapted to fit any hair type or face shape.

The Ponytail

You may think of the ponytail as a humble style you wear while cleaning your house or working out. With a few tweaks, though, the ponytail can be your go-to style. It can be suitable for everyday errands, work and a night out. Add a barrette to dress up a simple style, or use a shine-boosting conditioner and a frizz serum to create a ponytail that is shiny and sleek.

The Bob

Women have worn their hair in a bob for decades and for good reason. The hairstyle is versatile–you can have a short, chin-length bob or a longer one. You can wear it with bangs or without bangs, and you can brush your hair so that it is sleek and straight or mess it up a bit to give the bob texture.

A Braid

The braid is another classic and versatile hairstyle. If you wanted to, you could wear your hair in a different braid every day of the week. For a casual look, try wearing your hair in two braids. Dress your hair up by French braiding it or by braiding it along the sides of your head.

Tousled Hair

A slightly tousled, bed head hairstyle can give you a carefree appearance. It’s also a style that works for any length of hair–short hair can have cute, intentional cowlicks while longer hair can fall naturally around your face.

The Updo

The updo is the quintessential hairstyle for formal occasions. You also have a large variety of options when it comes to sweeping your hair into an updo. Add a large barrette for a bit of sparkle, or leave your hair slightly loose for a gentler look.

Gentle Curls

Curly hair can be frustrating. If your hair is naturally curly, wear it loose and keep the curls soft. Use a wide curling iron and some mousse to give the curls some definition. Keep your curls under control by deep conditioning them a few times a week.


Short, medium or long layers work on a variety of face shapes. A layered cut can add definition to your cheekbones and jaw and can also make your hair look fuller.

Long and Straight

Long, straight hair gives you a sleek and sophisticated appearance. The hairstyle will work best if your hair is naturally straight or only has a bit of wave in it. Get hair to be perfectly sleek by running a round brush through it as you blow dry it.

The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is the perfect wash-and-go hairstyle for busy women. The cut works for both straight and curly hair and can be as short or long as you want. Most of the time, all you will need to do to keep your hair looking cute is to run a comb through it after washing.

Long Waves

Few hairstyles say “summer” quite like long waves. The loose style works for casual as well as dressy occasions and is easy to maintain. Wear a thin headband or gather hair to one side with a clip to add versatility to the style.

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