Why Do Women Cheat in a Marriage?
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Why Do Women Cheat in a Marriage?

According to a 2004 Gallup Poll, 91 percent of Americans believe that having an extra-marital affair is morally wrong, and 7 percent say it is morally acceptable. It’s difficult to say exactly how many women cheat in their marriage, but it is probably more than 7 percent. The Woman Savers website reports that 14 percent of women admit to having an affair. The amount of women who actually do is likely to be higher, but because society judges women harshly for having an affair, women can be secretive about it.

Feeling Unattractive

Women who cheat do so for all sorts of reasons. Some women cheat because they feel unattractive after having children. They don’t feel sexy anymore. Being able to flirt and have an affair proves to them that they are still attractive.

No Emotional Connection

A woman may lose the connection she once had with her husband or feel that her husband is emotionally unavailable. Eventually, this woman may give up on her husband and find someone she thinks understands her better, according to the Woman’s Day website. People who are in love and have a good connection stay up all night talking and excite each other, says Dr. Arthur Aron, a psychologist at Stony Brook University in a “New York Times” article.

Just for Sex

Some women stray from their marriage purely for sex. A woman may be having sex with her husband, but she wants more excitement. She might go to bars and have an affair for the pure momentary thrill it brings.

Feeling Justified

A woman sometimes cheats on their husband if he cheated on her. If a woman has not dealt with her feelings, she may feel justified in having an affair. Or, a woman could be in an abusive relationship and has an affair as an escape.

Loses Respect

If a woman loses respect for her husband, she might cheat on him. Maybe her husband is not upwardly mobile anymore. She might meet someone at work she views as being on the fast track, and she wants to get on that fast track with him.

Evolutionary Roots

Just as men have evolutionary reasons to spread their seed, women have evolutionary reason to have children. A theory, reported in WebMD, says that from the earliest days when women went to gather food, they slept with other men to ensure they would become pregnant. The other man could also help rear children and provide resources if the first man died.

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