What Foods Improve Sex?
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What Foods Improve Sex?

While many people pay attention to the impact that the foods they eat will play on their waistline, few consider the sexual ramifications of their dietary choices. If you are looking to ramp up your sex life–or ensure that your already bold sex life continues to stay on course–consider upping your consumption of foods that are connected to sensuality. From dietary elements that increase key hormones to foods that are simply sensual in texture, there are an array of foods from which you can select when trying to add some sex enhancement into your diet.


Along with providing a healthy and sweet prelude to a sexual encounter, the fiber and antioxidants found in fruit have been linked to an increased libido. When planning your next romantic rendezvous, prepare a sensual and succulent fruit plate to tempt the taste buds of your partner.


The tomato was once called the “love apple,” reports Discovery Health. This produce piece contains lycopene, which has many benefits, one of which is increasing libido. Lycopene is present in whole tomatoes as well as tomato products, so even adding some ketchup to your fries could build your sexual stamina.


While oatmeal hardly seems like a tempting meal to present to your lover, eating this hearty dish can increase your sexual stamina. Oats are naturally high in manganese and selenium, reports TLC. These nutrients can increase your endurance and improve your health and preparedness for sexual activity.


Many have looked to seafood such as oysters and shrimp as aphrodisiacs for quite some time. Most seafood is high in zinc and iodine. According to Discovery Health, these key nutrients can fuel the sex drive and get you ready for some hanky panky.


Soy has noticeable yet distinct benefits for both women and men reports MSNBC. Because soy proteins bind estrogen receptors, they can lead to increased vaginal lubrication and a slow down the onset of menopause. In men, soy plays a part in ensuring the health of the prostate, an organ vital to satisfactory sexual performance.


Gelatin is a cool, low-calorie treat that can get you fit for sexual action. TLC reports that simple gelatin can reduce joint pain. With fewer aches and pains, you can more freely engage in vigorous sexual activity with your lover.


In case you needed another reason to give in to your sweet tooth’s desires, chocolate is more than just delicious–it’s sexually stimulating. Chocolate is rich in phenylalanine, a amino acid that has been linked to decreased depression levels and a rise in pleasure-inducing endorphins reports Discovery Health.

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