How to Teach a Man Romance
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How to Teach a Man Romance

Many women lament the fact that their men are not romantic. If your guy doesn’t sweep you off your feet, consider doing something about it. Perhaps he doesn’t exhibit the amorous behavior you desire because he simply has not learned how to be romantic. Romance is an art that must be learned. By showing your guy how to woo you, you can create the man of your dreams and receive the loving attention you have always dreamed of.

Watch A Rom Com

Prescribe some romantic comedies. While many men would pick movies in which something blows up, these guys are missing out on a wonderful learning opportunity by not watching romantic comedies. Help your man learn through the use of audiovisual tools by staging a romantic comedy marathon. Subject him to some Tom Hanks classics, or view a few contemporary films that deal with love and relationship success. As your guy watches, he will learn by example.

Suggest a Book

Suggest some classically romantic novels. Many men fail to understand why titles like “Wuthering Heights,” “Pride and Prejudice,” or even the contemporary “Twilight” books set women’s hearts racing. Often, these clueless fellows fail to understand because they have not actually read any of these classics. As you educate your man in the ways of love, give him some reading comprehension homework by asking him to read a classic tale of smoldering love with you. If your man resists, make the task more palatable by agreeing to read a book of his choice with him after he reads your romantic pick.

Show Him

Show him romance. Many women don’t put much effort into being romantic toward their men, because they feel like the attempt won’t be appreciated. Regardless of whether your guy desires romantic efforts, being romantic toward him can show him how it’s done. Show him how to surprise and delight you by wooing him with candle-lit dinners and thoughtful love gifts. After he sees how to do these things, he will be better able to use the newly learned charms to thrill you.

Don’t Be Coy

Tell him what you want explicitly. There are times for being coy, and there are times for telling it like it is. If you are trying to train your man to be the romantic partner that you deserve, you must make your voice heard. The best time to mold your guy into the stud that you want him to be is at the beginning of the relationship. The longer you wait, the more likely he is to resist the change. Speak up about your romantic needs and show him how to fan your flames of desire.

Reward Him

Reward him for his romantic successes. Just like when you teach your puppy not to piddle in the house by rewarding him with a treat, you can increase the likelihood that your guy keeps up his romantic behavior by giving him a prize. If your man follows your directions and surprises you with an uncharacteristically romantic act, show him that you appreciate it and encourage him to repeat the behavior (maybe by giving him more attention in the bedroom…?)

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