Recovery Time from a Lifestyle Face-Lift
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Recovery Time from a Lifestyle Face-Lift

In past decades, women had to come to terms with their sagging skin. Modern moms can fight back against the aging process through cosmetic surgery. Many women, who feel that their face is no longer a reflection of their youthful attitude, opt for a face-lift. While a face-lift, like all cosmetic surgery procedures, is a serious medical procedure with real risks, many feel that the results are well worth it. If you plan to get a face-lift, carefully plan your procedure to ensure that you allow adequate healing time prior to heading out and showing off your revitalized face.


The amount and severity of skin sagging will determine how long a face-lift procedure takes to perform. Surgery generally lasts two to four hours. Post surgery, patients may remain in the hospital for several hours, or, in some cases, overnight. The length of your hospital stay will be determined both by the doctor who performs your surgery and by your response to anesthesia.

Post-Surgery Precautions

Because a face-lift is a serious medical procedure, patients need to take precautions during the weeks and months immediately following it. By exercising proper precautions, you can reduce the likelihood that your healing process is long and painful. Patients who are recovering from a face-lift should avoid exercise for two to three weeks following a face-lift; sweat can have an adverse reaction on wounds. Additionally, patients should use an 15 SPF sunscreen or higher when venturing out into direct rays for the six months following their procedure, reports the Smart Plastic Surgery website.

Ready For Sharing

While face-lift results are often dramatic, patients should not expect to see these positive results immediately. After one to two weeks, patients will likely be healed enough to head back to work. When patient’s first return to work, they will likely have some minor bruising and swelling. After four to eight weeks, patients are healed enough to attend major social engagements. At this point in the recovery process, there will likely be no evidence of the procedure that the patient underwent, except for improved skin tone and tautness.

Finished Product

Full recovery time depends on how extensive the original procedure was and whether the patient encounters any troubles on her road to recovery. Patients can expect to see their final results after one to four months of healing, reports the Smart Plastic Surgery website.

Speeding Recovery

Patients who wish to ensure that they recover as quickly as possible can speed their recovery through the completion of a few basic steps. When recovering, patients should ensure that they remain hydrated at all times. Hydration is not just good for the body, but it also promotes healing. Patients should also take it easy and not push themselves too hard physically; over-exertion could lengthen the recovery process. As every face-lift is different, patients should always follow their doctor’s orders carefully.

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