Birthday Party Ideas for 7-Year-Old Girls
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Birthday Party Ideas for 7-Year-Old Girls

For many 7-year-old girls, no ordinary celebration will do. They want a theme, decorations, food and activities that reflect their current interests, be it ponies, Pokemon or sports. Make your daughter’s birthday party special with handmade or customized elements, as well as inventive games and favors. She will want to give her input for the party-planning, too.


Home-based girls’ birthday parties might take place indoors or in the backyard. Outdoor parties might include a sleepover in a backyard tent, a garden party, a barbecue in the park or a swimming party. Bouncy houses are always a hit, dance parties are fun, as well as pajama parties.


Many 7-year-old girls want to invite their whole class as well as some outside friends from the neighborhood or extracurricular activities. Add family members and potential sibling tagalongs to the mix, and you have a packed guest list. Unless you have an expansive area, large budget and adult help for chaperoning, you will need to rein in the guest list. In general, the more special or adventurous the party, the smaller the guest list. You cannot supervise more than a few girls to the water park, but you can host a large number of girls for a backyard movie party.


Even the most basic child’s birthday party has some decorations, gifts, food and activities. Have your daughter choose a theme for the event, such as a beach luau, haunted house, enchanted forest, Mad Hatter tea party, jungle safari or storybook castle. Tailor the party’s features around the theme by drawing, painting or gluing images to a party banner, photo backdrop, door border, gift boxes, favor bags and plain paper tablecloth.


Girls enjoy a variety of party games and activities. Set up an art or craft table with images or projects related to the party theme. For example, little princesses or fairies can make glittery wands. A beach, luau, mermaid or water theme might feature gluing small shells to wooden treasure boxes. Use pillows for musical chairs to make the game sillier and, if weather permits, host water play or a water fight in the backyard.


Performers make a girl’s birthday party memorable. Hire a magician, clown, storyteller, fortune-teller, face-painter or costumed character to entertain party guests. Take pictures of each child with the performers so you have a memento to send guests later.

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