Best Homemade Skin-Care Products
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Best Homemade Skin-Care Products

Using homemade skin-care products saves money, and using products found in your kitchen means you know exactly what goes onto your skin – and of the many reasons to make your own homemade skin-care products, those two top the list.

The best homemade skin-care products are simple to make, meet your basic skin-care needs, and contain fresh ingredients and products readily available in your home.

Facial Masks

Facial skin often experiences exposure to more pollutants, chemicals, sunlight and rough treatment. Regular cleansers only go so far in cleaning your skin. A facial mask deep cleans, while soothing stressed skin. Like a cold drink after a hot day, a facial mask can relieve irritation and refresh tired skin. You have many options on ingredients for homemade facial masks. Produce, such as strawberries, avocados and cucumbers, aloe leaves, yogurt and clay all make ideal masks. Adding lemon to a mask will help lighten your skin. Combine the ingredients you want into a blender or food processor, and mix. Spread the mixture over your face, and allow it to dry for about 20 minutes. Rinse off. You should use a mask at least once a week.

Skin Toner

Although some view toner as unnecessary or an extra, the Cleveland Clinic lists it as a daily essential for skin care. Toner removes the dirt, makeup, oil and residue that cleansers leave behind. A toner can give your skin a boost of vitamins and antioxidants, helping to heal and improve it. Skin toners need only a few basic ingredients. Apple cider vinegar makes the base for an effective toner. Julie Gabriel, beauty editor and author of “The Green Beauty Guide,” recommends mixing 3 oz. mineral water with 1/2 oz. cider vinegar and five uncoated, crushed aspirin. Shake and apply to the face daily. Store the mix in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Exfoliating removes dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil. It gives skin a glow, while softening it. Simple exfoliating scrubs can include several ingredients you probably have in your home.

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Course sugars, chopped oats and nut meals all have the texture required to exfoliate the skin without any harsh additives. Scents and other ingredients, though optional, improve the body scrub. Try adding some vanilla, strawberries, lemon oil or essential oils, such as lavender. When exfoliating, apply only light pressure and rub the scrub on in small, circular motions.

Anti-Aging Oil

Vitamins proven to have an anti-aging, antioxidant and healing effect on the skin, as reported by the Cleveland Clinic, also happen to find their way into most medicine cabinets. For a deep moisturizing and soothing skin oil, use vitamins A, E and C. Most come in gel caps that you cut open and squeeze out the oils. Mix the vitamin oils in a base oil, such as rose hip seed oil or jojoba. Gently rub a very light layer into the skin, and allow it to absorb.

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