Card Games for Kids
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Card Games for Kids

Card games are a wonderful, portable entertainment for children. Needing little equipment, card games can teach children basic logic and strategy skills anywhere and anytime. Keep a deck of cards on hand while you are traveling or when you have friends over. You’ll find that throughout the year and for nearly any occasion, a deck of cards is a simple, educational enjoyment for young and old alike.


The most basic equipment necessary for card games is a deck of cards. Some games may call for a few decks. You’ll want to keep two or three ready for your games. You may find it useful to keep the boxes for the decks or rubber bands to hold the cards together so you can separate them into whole decks. Poker chips are also useful for games that require betting or gambling and for those that need markers or counters.


Card games are ideal for all ages as they can become more elaborate and strategic as children grow up. Younger children can play games of chance, such as war or kings. This game goes by many names, but the purpose is always the same. The deck is split between the two players. At the same time, children flip over the top card on their deck. Whoever has the higher card keeps the two. This continues until someone wins the whole deck. Older kids can undertake games, such as bridge.

Group Games

If you have a handful of kids to entertain, they might appreciate a game they can play together. Go Fish or Old Maid are great games for a group of kids. These are ideal for taking to camp, after-school gatherings or sleepovers. Teach these games to the kids when your family gathers for a reunion or holiday. Adults can join or kids can play alone while adults chat.

Solitary Games

Teaching solo games to kids gives them a source of entertainment when they are bored and have no playmates. Show your kids how to play solitaire or other variants. This can keep them busy on long car trips or plane rides. There is no reason to play computer games when a single deck of cards can entertain them.

Bet On It

If gambling is not a moral issue for you and your family, you can teach older kids simple betting games, such as poker. However, you should talk with parents for your kids’ friends before teaching them these games. Use these games as an opportunity to share the realities of probability and chance with your kids to decrease their reliance on gambling for a fortune.

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