Great Fun Games for Kids to Make
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Great Fun Games for Kids to Make

Combine arts and crafts time with game time by inventing fun games with your children. With a few simple craft supplies, you can make great board games, catered to your children’s tastes and interests. If your children are into more active games, such as tag, spend a bit of time outside, brainstorming creative twists on classic games.


There are few limits in terms of the types of games you and your children can make. You can make a board game that follows the adventures of a character in your kids’ favorite books. Other board game ideas include games based on a historical period or homemade versions of games you can buy in the store, such as a homemade Monopoly or Sorry! Aside from board games, children can also invent fun card games, outdoor games or word searches.


You will probably need to invest in a few simple craft supplies to make board games or any other game that requires pieces. Reuse empty cereal or shoe boxes to serve as the game board. Decorate the game board with markers or paint. You could also use glue to adorn the board with cut-out pieces of construction paper. When it comes time actually to play the games, you may need dice and playing cards. Either use a purchased deck of cards or make your own from index cards.

Time Frame

Don’t spend too long crafting the game or else you will not have time to play it. Some kids may get so into building the game that they will want to keep adding rules and embellishments to the board. If you are brainstorming new variations on tag or other active games, limit the brainstorm and planning time to 20 minutes, then have the children start the game. You may want to give children a day to design and build a board game, then let them play it the following day, after the glue and paint have dried.


Homemade games allows you to spice up your kids’ play time and get their creative juices flowing. Children may cherish a game they made themselves over a commercially manufactured one. Making games is also a great way to bond with your children and to spend quality time together as a family. If you get really into making card or board games, you can make extras to give to friends and other family members as holiday or birthday gifts.

Preserving the Games

If your children make a board game that they really enjoy, consider getting the board laminated so that it is protected against spills and other damage. When your children create tag games or other games that have rules but no equipment, make sure you write down or type the rules so they can continue to play the game in the future without arguing over the proper way to play it.

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