Breast Cancer at an Early Age
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Breast Cancer at an Early Age

There is a documentary that is airing this weekend on the W Network (in Canada, I checked but can’t find US listings for it) called “I Don’t Have Time for This”.  It follows five women who have all been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their mid twenties to early thirties, just as they are graduating from school, getting married, starting families.  These women do not have time for this disease as they have so many other things going on.  It follows their individual journeys and the decisions they need to make that most of us take for granted.  The biology of the disease is different in younger women. Their cancers tend to be bigger, more advanced, higher stage, and more likely to relapse either in the breast or distant organs. (Dr. Ellen Warner, Medical Oncologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences)

One of the women featured in the documentary is Crystal, I know Crystal from Toronto and remember finding out shortly after her daughter was born that she had breast cancer.  While I was struggling with sleep deprivation and anxieties of being a first time parent when my son was born, Crystal’s first time parenting experience was filled with a whole other level of stress and anxiety.  She is a remarkable person, full of fight and courage. 

If you are in Canada, and have the chance, watch it or PVR it.  It is sure to make you grateful for each day that we have and proud of these women as they go through their journeys. 

Short Clip from the Documentary:

Press Release:


Premieres October 23, 2010- 12:00pm ET/PT on W Network

Crystal with my husband at our friend’s wedding 2 years ago
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