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10-Minute Hairstyles

Not every day affords you the opportunity to spend the hours on your hair that it deserves. Unfortunately, that sometimes means throwing your hair back or letting it dry wildly, not matching the professional demeanor you want to portray. Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from creating a polished look to coordinate with the rest of your style.

At Home

If you’re having a quiet day with the kids or running errands and taxiing children, there is no reason your hair can’t look polished and put together. Embrace the standard ponytail, and bring it to the next level. Purchase several hair bands that match your hair’s length and shade. For instance, blondes will do better with a tan or golden band. For thin hair, buy smaller bands that you don’t have to twist many times. Blow-dry your hair, giving it some volume by applying some mousse and flipping it upside down as you dry. Once dry, brush it smooth on top. You can put it all in a hot curler set to give it some curls, straighten it or leave it natural. Pull it into a casual ponytail at the base of your neck. Tease the tail a bit, and slide a headband at the top your head.

At Work

If you are headed to the office, a PTA meeting or student-teacher conference, take out the playful headband and grab a small section of your hair, behind the ponytail. Brush this section smooth, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover the band. Secure it with a bobby pin. For a slightly different look, take your hair out of the band and lightly pull your hair to the side of your neck and create the look there, letting the tail hang over your shoulder.

Out on the Town

If you are going out after work or after a day at home or on the road, you may not have time to wash, dry and restyle your hair. Don’t worry about starting fresh. You can turn your current do in a smashing look. Just pull the ponytail a little higher, and very loosely twist the tail into a bun. Let pieces fall out of the tail as they want, and secure them around the bun with bobby pins.

Time to Relax

Whether you are going to a quiet club with your husband or ice cream without the girls, you can transform your hair once again. Pull your curly blob from its bun and band, and let it fall around your face. Comb it out with a pick or wide-toothed comb, and secure any wandering sections with a bobby pin near your ear.

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