How Are Perfume Scents Chosen?
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How Are Perfume Scents Chosen?

That smell in the air may have a positive or a negative effect with you. Whether you love it or hate it may depend on a number of factors. The perfume you spray on your body will follow after you, leaving an impression with all who smell you. If you want to make your nose and other people’s noses happy, choose the right scent for you.


If you have ever walked into a store and instantly thought of your grandma or someone’s home and remembered a childhood teacher, you know how influential smells can be. Some smells, such as vanilla, are warm and savory. Others, such as florals, are bright and cheery. The kind of person you want to be, whether it’s your mom or your favorite aunt, may help you decide which scent you want.

Laws of Attraction

Don’t forget those sneaky pheromones. Some scents are going to be much more attractive to your partner than others. When you choose your perfume, keep your partner in mind. Let him smell a few, on you, and see which ones give him a charge. Your perfume will be empowering and exciting, if both you and your partner like it.


Perfume, with all its natural and artificial components, can send some people in overdrive. Sneezing, wheezing and teary eyes are just some of the symptoms of perfume allergies. If your friends and family members have certain sensitivities, choose all natural perfumes or gently scented perfumes that won’t irritate.

Going Into Overload

Perfumes can be difficult to shop for in beauty and fragrance stores, where scents start to mingle and taint your opinions of it. You may choose a scent because you think you like it, when in fact you may be liking that scent mixed with others. Instead of purchasing a scent at first sniff, spray a little–from a test on a fragrance-free napkin or a piece of paper or on your wrist. Walk around the mall a bit or grab a snack. Smell it again a little later and see if you still like it. If so, return to the store and make an investment.

Working Together

Like it or not, we all have our own smells. We need a perfume that coordinates with these smells, instead of fighting them. Your perfume also needs to work with your soaps, gels, hairsprays, powders , shampoo, conditioner or anything else you apply to your body each day. Don’t let the various scents compete. They should work together. Try some samples with your normal routine before investing in a bottle of perfume.

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