Hair Care Products for Dry, Brittle, Long Thinning Hair
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Hair Care Products for Dry, Brittle, Long Thinning Hair

Once those ugly little split ends start rearing up at you, you might start feeling desperate. Certainly something–anything–will help your dry, broken strands gain a new life. If the hair care aisle of the grocery or drug store overwhelms you, take some expert advice and try some of the many products that have been tested and approved.


You will find a shampoo that thoroughly washes your hair without removing essential oils or stripping your hair of moisture. You may think shampoo might be all bad for your dry, damaged hair, but leaving dirt and grime from the day in your hair can be unhealthy. Some shampoos will wash your hair of these unhealthy foreign substances, while restoring and maintaining moisture. According to its website, the Cosmetic Executive Women organization chose such a shampoo–EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care Moisture Shampoo–for its 2010 hair care winner. This shampoo promises to remove salt and sulfates from your hair but not to strip your hair. It helps your hair maintain its coloring, using only natural ingredients. This shampoo or one like it will help your hair maintain a proper balance of moisture and won’t cause excess damage, even when your hair has been colored or treated.


After washing your hair, even with the gentlest shampoo, you need to rejuvenate your hair with conditioner. Look for both wash-out and leave-in options in conditioners. Depending on the system you choose and the extent of the damage in your hair, you may need one or either of these. In a May 2010 issue, “Self” magazine listed its favorite conditioners based on the individual abilities of each. For broken, damaged hair, the magazine preferred the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Repairing Conditioner. For thirsty hair, it recommended the Liqwd Hydrating Conditioner. If your hair really needs a boost, the magazine suggested the Tigi S-factor Wonderful Tonight Overnight Treatment.


Don’t forget to choose some products that will continue to nourish and protect your hair as you style each day. The Cosmetic Women Executives’ favorite styling product brings your hair this kind of protection. Klorane No-Rinse Care with Papyrus Milk promises to smooth your hair to make brushing easier. This keeps your damaged hair from stretching, pulling and breaking. It also promises to keep a layer of protection between your curling or straightening iron and the hair shafts. Now, your hair can relax and heal.

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