Fashion & Flowers
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Fashion & Flowers

Flowers bring a bit of bright, whimsical nature to your fashion. Whether you love an exciting tropical look or a warm romantic look, flowers can bring those natural colors and shapes into your personal look. Be careful not to go overboard to avoid a costume look. With gentle touches, you can incorporate flowers in a sophisticated and fun way.

Real or Faux

When you start incorporating flowers into a look or wardrobe, you have to decide whether to use real or fake flowers. Both options have pros and cons. Although real flowers have a more realistic look and feeling, they may not be available in the shade and shape you want. Making flowers out of silk, ribbon, fabric or paper can be time-consuming but can offer the exact flower you want. You can also browse the craft store for silk flowers that would suit your outfit.

Over the Years

Flowers have played a critical role in fashion. Wildflowers and garden varieties were inexpensive and available enough for even middle and lower classes to afford. They were added to dresses and outfits to dress them up and bring freshness to even the most worn fabrics. The wealthy could show off their money and place in society by using exotic flowers and silk options.


Flowers can bring a touch of color to an outfit. You can use flowers to liven up a monochromatic wardrobe. You can buy a little black dress or a gray pantsuit and change it up with bright colored flowers. This can save you money by letting you wear the same dress to numerous events and parties, with a slightly different look at each time.


If you are choosing real flowers in your outfit, look for flowers that can stand up throughout the day or the party you will be attending. Hearty flowers with tough stems, such as roses and carnations, will work well. Petals themselves, without stems, will wilt quickly. Soft stemmed flowers, such as lilies, may last for a short time, but they appreciate cooler temperatures.


If you need ideas for flowers in your wardrobe, pick up fashion books that will give you ideas from the past, when flowers were critical to fashion statements. Some wedding magazines might include ideas for working flowers into your outfits.

How to Incorporate

Flower-patterned dresses, blouses and skirts are an easy way to bring flowers into your outfit. If you want a single flower, you can pin one to the chest of your jacket, slide one behind your ear or attach it to your belt.

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