Activities for a Girl’s Birthday Party
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Activities for a Girl’s Birthday Party

Celebrate the birthday of your little princess with a party. Select a theme based on her interests, favorite singer or television characters, and create a menu that she and her friends can enjoy. Whether she’s celebrating her third birthday or 11th, plan a party that includes a variety of activities to keep the birthday girl and her guests entertained.


From arts and crafts and games to singing and playing dress-up, a number of activities will keep your daughter and her party entourage busy.

Let your little girl and her guests make their own snack for the party. Supply them with miniature bagels, marinara sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, garlic, pepperoni, onions, pineapples, ham, peppers, mushrooms and basil to create miniature pizzas. Ask each guest to make her own creation and give it a name.

Gather old clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses, hats and other accessories from friends and family. Store them in a decorative box. When kids arrive, let them create their own signature looks using the items in the dress-up box. At the end of the party, let guests help you pack the items into bags to donate to a local charity.

Organize a talent show and give each guest who wants to participate a chance to show her talent to the group. From singing and dancing to acting and modeling, kids can create routines and parents can vote on a winner.


Aside from helping keep birthday party guests from getting bored, planning activities for your little girl’s birthday party boasts other benefits. The activities guests play at your daughter’s birthday party will teach her and her guests valuable lessons they can apply to their day-to-day lives, even after the party ends. They can learn how to share, practice good sportsmanship, how to use proper manners and exercise their creativity.

Time Limits

Plan for activities to last no longer than 30 minutes. Activities that run too long may make your little girl’s party guests become restless. Keep the excitement going by scheduling short activities back-to-back, but giving kids time for clean-up.

Alternative Activities

Some of your little girl’s party guests may not want to participate in every activity you have planned. Plan for an alternate activity for these guests, such as coloring pages or coloring books, that match the theme of the party. Set up a table with supplies, such as stencils, crayons, colored pencils and stickers, that the guests can use while other party guests are participating in the planned activity.


Children are naturally competitive, and you may notice guests comparing their talents and creations to other guests. Carefully monitor children to make sure they’re not spewing mean words to each other.

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