The Best Love Match for Pisces
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The Best Love Match for Pisces

Pisces, born between Feb. 19 and March 20, are emotional and intuitive, according to Like those born under other Water signs, Pisceans are drawn to all things mystical and spiritual. Like the fish that symbolizes the Zodiac sign, those born under Pisces immerse themselves in their environment and recognize the deeper connections between people and nature. Their romantic attractions and attachments run deep, and Pisceans often feel as if their relationships were destined to happen.

Ideal Match

A Pisces-Scorpio relationship is a “magical and inspired union,” according to Therrie Rosenvald, author of “The Mystical Pisces.” Scorpions offer the strength and stability that Pisceans need to help them feel secure, while Pisces’ dependency fulfills the Scorpio need to be needed. Both signs feel emotions deeply and throw themselves completely into relationships when they feel a bond. Scorpio will protect Pisces, both physically and emotionally, while Pisceans have a knack for drawing Scorpions out of their occasional blue funks.

Social Factors

Both Pisces and Scorpios feel a deep need to make a difference in the world, but Pisceans sometimes let the sadness and need they see in the world overwhelm them. Scorpios bring a passionate commitment to causes to the relationship, backed by a penchant for planning. When the two pair up, the Piscean empathy can soften Scorpio’s single-minded drive toward a goal, providing a balanced partnership that can achieve great things.

Family Affairs

Pisces and Scorpios bring complementary parenting styles to the family. Pisces are easygoing disciplinarians who intuitively understand their children’s wants and needs. Scorpios tend to be strict and to have high expectations of their children but reward them generously when they meet those expectations. The differences can cause conflicts between the partners or provide the best of both worlds for the children–firm, loving discipline with committed emotional support.

Intimate Connections

Pisces and Scorpio share a love of novelty and a lack of inhibition. Pisces people take pleasure in pleasing a lover, which suits a Scorpio lover just fine–especially once the Pisces figures out that nothing pleases a Scorpio more than to see his lover lost in pleasure. The physical side of a Pisces-Scorpio relationship will never grow stale because both partners delight in pleasing and challenging the other to new heights.

Other Matches

Pisces also match up well with Capricorns, whose practical leadership can provide a steadying influence for the Piscean sensitivity and emotion. Pisces’ devotion has a way of reaching past Capricorn’s defenses to find the hidden romantic side. Capricorn’s cool, unemotional exterior may seem ill-matched to Pisces’ open emotions, but their contrasting temperaments complement each other well.

Pisces may also find an ideal mate in a Cancer, according to Joanna Woolfolk, who wrote “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.” Cancer and Pisces find “passion, sensitivity and tenderness in each other,” she says, in addition to being well-matched physically. Cancer’s practicality and money sense provide the stability that Pisces needs to thrive, and Pisces’ unquestioning commitment is exactly what Cancer needs to quell his natural insecurity.

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