Birthday Games for a 10-Year-Old Girl
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Birthday Games for a 10-Year-Old Girl

Too old for Candy Land and too young for Truth or Dare, many 10-year-old girls require special games for their maturity levels. On the positive side, girls at this age have a strong sense of what they like and dislike, and they want to participate in the planning of birthday party games. Make your girl’s 10th birthday party special by amping up the creativity and fun quotient in the party games.


Tween girl birthday games run the gamut from board games such as Clue and Sorry to dramatic games such as improvisational theater, karaoke contests and charades. A swim party may feature the classic game of Marco Polo or a rousing round of pool volleyball. A backyard party or celebration in the park should feature active outdoor games such as blind eagle, capture the flag or a water fight.


Birthday games for 10-year-old girls often have a creative or whimsical element. Blindfold the girls, and have them give makeovers to partners. Set up baskets of costumes and props, and let the guests stage their own “High School Musical”-style production. Put together an upbeat soundtrack for girls, and have them practice new dances. Set girls loose on the mall or the neighborhood for a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt.


Most 10-year-old girls appreciate games that keep everyone participating or entertained, rather than having someone lose quickly. Play dodge ball with beach balls or even balloons, and have people who get hit change sides rather than get out. Set up an obstacle course in the yard or the playground with jumps, tosses, climbing, running and swinging.

Time Frame

Most 10-year-old children have a long attention span and can stick with a more complex game for up to an hour. If you have a group of like-minded girls, organize a birthday party around an interesting game such as a murder mystery or paintball.


Creative party games make the event memorable. Film and shoot pictures of the girls in action so you can email a memento of the event to every guest. Award goofy prizes for various games, such as grossest makeover, silliest dance and best backward run.

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