6-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas for a Girl
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6-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas for a Girl

Kids are often opinionated, especially when it comes to planning a birthday bash. Even your 5-year-old will have an opinion on what she’d like to plan for her 6th birthday party, so talk to her to get some ideas churning. Incorporate her ideas as you plan to ensure that her birthday party represents her personality and interests.

Party Themes for Girls

Planning a party for a 6-year-old girl isn’t always simple, but if you consider incorporating a theme, it’ll help you narrow down ideas for invitations, decorations, location and even the menu. Explore whimsical themes such as princesses and fairies, if your daughter enjoys a good fairy tale. For an adventurous 6-year-old girl, consider a pirate theme paired with a treasure hunt, or,if your daughter is athletic, opt for a skating or basketball theme.

Other themes your 6-year-old may enjoy include spa party, garden party or a tea party. You can also consider using a theme that focuses on your 6-year-old’s favorite television show or music group.

Keep Her Guests From Getting Bored

Games, activities and crafts can help keep kids occupied at your 6-year-old’s party. Possible activities include coloring theme-appropriate coloring pages, creating bracelets using beads, doing mini makeovers on each other, preparing a snack such as peanut butter and banana sandwiches in the kitchen or personalizing porcelain piggy banks. Have bubbles, hula hoops, jacks, sidewalk chalk and soft balls on hand for kids to play with, if the party is held outdoors.

Entertainers such as face painters, balloon artists and magicians can also keep your 6-year-old and her friends excited during her party.

Start With Games, End With Cake

When you send invitations to your little girl’s friends, be clear about what time the party begins and ends. Early afternoon parties are ideal for young children and should last for at least an hour and a half. Allot enough time for kids to play games and have ice cream and cake.

Try These Favor Ideas

Although your little girl’s friends will probably be disappointed when the party ends, smiles will return to their faces when they receive their birthday party favors. Traditionally, birthday party favors are decorative bags filled with candy and trinkets, such as jewelry, stickers and temporary tattoos, for kids to enjoy, but there are other options.

Give each child a wooden letter for the first initial in their first names. Education, an online site for parents and teachers, suggests providing kids with paint, glitter and glue to decorate their initials. Children can display these favors on their dressers, desks or on their mantelpieces.

Use favors to help children show their royalty by giving out crowns and tiaras at the end of your 6-year-old’s party.

Provide children with an educational favor by giving them theme-appropriate books. Before the party, work with your 6-year-old to create personalized gift tags.

Party of Six

Keep the party small; limit the guest list to close friends and family members. Have your 6-year-old pick six to eight people she’d like to invite to her party. Parents, an online family site, suggests that the number of guests match your child’s age.

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