The Best Love Match for Sagittarius
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The Best Love Match for Sagittarius

Sagittarians run through life with unbridled enthusiasm, generally bumping into things and knocking them over. Anyone who has shared a close relationship with a Sagittarius can tell you tales of bruised feelings and trampled toes. Sometimes it seems that the natural place for the Sagittarian’s foot is in his mouth, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who holds it against him for long. Naturally buoyant, exuberant and good-hearted, Sagittarians attract admirers everywhere they go–and while they flirt outrageously with everyone, they trust their hearts to very few.

The Best Match

Fiery and blunt, Sagittarius may seem the very antithesis of timid, dreamy Pisces, but this is a case where opposites do more than attract–they complete each other. Sagittarius challenges Pisces to step outside of his dream world, while Pisces opens Sagittarius to the notion that exploring inner worlds can be a rewarding experience. These two often take time to recognize their attraction to each other, but their shared compassion and desire to better the world provides common ground for them to explore the boundaries of their relationship in non-threatening ways until they are more comfortable with their differences. Their biggest challenge is communication–the Archer’s tendency to shoot off his mouth without thinking can hurt Pisces’ tender feelings at first. If they can get past Sagittarius’ tendency to blurt out what he thinks, their relationship will last through nearly anything.

Social Life

Sagittarius and Pisces often share a strong spiritual connection, in the very real sense of religion and spirituality. Sagittarians believe passionately, though the belief may be in a religion, a cause or an idea. Pisceans immerse themselves in the experience of spirituality and personal belief. The couple’s social life often revolves around their shared causes. They will often work together as well as plot and play together, all of it in service to creating a better world for everyone.

Family Life

A child born into a Sagittarius-Pisces union is a lucky child, indeed. Although money and material goods may be in short supply, this pair of parents will provide all the love, guidance and creativity any child could ever want. Sagittarians will often turn their authoritarian side to coaching sport teams, while Pisces will indulge kids in creative, artistic pursuits. Parental responsibility often awakens a wider custodial urge in Sagittarius, who may become almost fanatical about health, nutrition and environmental causes, but Pisces will leaven that by occasionally indulging children in things that are “bad” for them. As long as one of the pair takes financial matters seriously, they’ll raise socially conscious, loving and well-loved children.

Private Affairs

The physical relationship between Sagittarius and Pisces will never lack for variety. Both partners are curious, innovative lovers. Sagittarius revels in the physical, while Pisces lives in a world of imagination. When they combine the physical with the imaginary, sparks can fly–in a good way.

Other Matches

Scorpio and Sagittarius are a volatile match but one that can work very well if the pair share interests. The physical attraction between them can help them gloss over the incompatibility of their disparate approaches to life. If they have shared goals as well, the Archer may be able to overlook Scorpio’s intensity and natural pessimism to form a strong, lifelong bond.

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