The Best Love Match for Aquarius
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The Best Love Match for Aquarius

Aquarians, born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, may know the definition of the word “impossible,” but few will accept impossibility as an option. People born under the sign of the Water Bearer are agile thinkers, often with idealistic aims and grand schemes to better the world. Unlike the stereotypical dreamer, though, Aquarius inspires practicality and concrete visions–if an Aquarian is drawing up blueprints for a starship, you can start packing your bags for the trip. On the other hand, those born under Aquarius are uncomfortable with emotions. They’ll talk all night about ideas, but don’t expect to hear about the devils that inhabit their nightmares.

The Best Match

When Aquarius meets Gemini, the world takes notice. The two share an intellectual curiosity, a love for words and a drive to improve the world around them. The famed Gemini wit can disarm an Aquarian, who is used to being the sharpest sword in the room, while Aquarians present a challenge to curious, emotional Geminis, who will want to crack that cool shell and get to the goodies it hides. Their relationship will be quirky, unusual and sensational, but this couple will always find something to talk about which, in the end, is what each of them wants most.

Social Life

Flashy Geminis love to be the center of attention, which doesn’t bother Aquarius in the least. The Aquarian lover will look on with pride as his mate charms the room–and probably secretly take credit for helping her engineer her success. Socially, an Aquarian-Gemini couple will headline every gala in town–though their motives may be different. Aquarius will be working the room to drum up support for some social good, while Gemini–well, girls just gotta have fun. From political fundraisers to the Hollywood red carpet, this very visible power couple will be planning or invited to every important party in town.

Family Life

When it comes to raising children, Aquarius and Gemini have similar aims, but divergent parenting styles. Becoming a parent can bring out the fanatic in Aquarians, whose natural desire to make a better world takes on a more personal focus. Gemini, meanwhile, tends to be a doting, indulgent parent, which sometimes conflicts with the Water Bearer’s push for healthy living or service to the world. If each can accept the other’s parenting style, they’ll raise well-balanced, healthy and socially conscious children.

Physical Affairs

Aquarius is an inventive, fervent lover. While Gemini can’t quite match the Aquarian imagination, he’ll quite happily follow along and enjoy every passionate moment. An Aquarius and Gemini couple may not set off fire alarms with their attraction, but they’ll enjoy each other fully and share a comfortable, companionable and physical relationship well into their twilight years.

Other Matches

Aquarius and Libra are a perfect match for a lighthearted love affair, according to Joanna Woolfolk, author of “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.” They’ll enjoy each other intellectually, socially and physically but may find it challenging to build a life together, especially if there are children involved. They both enjoy tasteful, elegant things and intellectual stimulation but may not be prepared for the down-and-dirty work of marriage and parenting.

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