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How Can You Last Longer During Sex?

Sometimes, even healthy and fertile women and men experience unexpectedly short stints of sexual activity or just aren’t in the mood for love making, according to both MayoClinic.com and Discovery Health. Coming up with ways to last longer during sex can be fun and productive, especially when trying to create a baby. But keep in mind that some types of sexual problems need a doctor’s attention and that taking supplements while pregnant or using another type of medication is not a good idea.

Perform Kegel Exercises

Women can especially benefit from strengthening their pelvic floor from Kegel exercises, notes MayoClinic.com. But even men can make intercourse last longer by regularly perform Kegels, according to Men’s Health. Both genders can use this easy, discreet exercise several times a day; clenching and unclenching the muscles as if stopping urine mid-flow is the essence of Kegel exercises.

Try Coitus Interruptus

Ask your partner to withdraw his penis when he feels like he’s about to ejaculate if you hope to last longer, advises the Ask Men website. This classic practice, called “coitus interruptus,” can help stop the premature ejaculation that ends intercourse too early. Then, have your man re-enter your vagina for another go at it that will hopefully last longer than usual. If your partner is having trouble practicing coitus interruptus, gently suggest he try it on his own while masturbating; this practice can sometimes teach him the self-control needed to make intercourse last much longer.

Sample Herbal Remedies

Classic herbal sex remedies can make loving relations last much, much longer, according to Discovery Health. Whether you choose to take pills containing South American libido-boosting herbs like catuaba and muirapuama or formally consult with a Chinese medicine healer for special remedies, your sex life may very well spike up as a result.

Try New Positions

Sexual position ruts can cause intercourse to end far too soon for both lovers, notes both Ask Men and Men’s Health. A simple change in position could be just the boost needed for increased sexuality; woman-on-top or “cowgirl,” may result in more pleasurable sensations for you and longer intercourse with your partner. You can also try the “sitting inside each other” way of lovemaking for that much-desired change to your bedroom routine.

Consider Sexual Therapy

Even if a medical problem isn’t causing shorter-than-desired intercourse, a sex therapist can potentially help with your bedroom woes, according to MayoClinic.com. She can offer potential remedies, such as having your partner masturbate an hour or two before intercourse, suggest new positions, or determine whether psychological issues are creating problems in the bedroom.

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