The Best Love Match for Scorpios
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The Best Love Match for Scorpios

Intense, obsessive, loyal, determined and passionate–those are the words that Monte Farber and Amy Zerner choose to describe people born under the sign of Scorpio in their book, “Astrology Gems: Scorpio.” The Scorpio tendency to hide deep feelings behind a wall of mystery attracts people from many astrological signs, but only a few can slip around that wall to earn the key to Scorpio’s love–his trust.

Best Match for a Scorpio

Scorpios find a match for nearly all their fascinations in intuitive, quirky, emotional Pisces. The Piscean intuition often sees through the defensive wall that Scorpios build around their emotions. They’re not shy about showing the depth of their admiration for the Scorpion’s strength, which complements their own need for a firm, guiding hand. Scorpios revel in having an admirer, and can spend a lifetime delving into the depths of the Pisces mind. The pair share an attraction to all things spiritual and metaphysical and a desire to understand the inner workings of the world.

Social Factors

Pisceans dream big, but big dreams don’t scare Scorpios, whose innate practicality includes the ability to break those dreams down into manageable steps. When Scorpio pairs up with Pisces, the world had better get ready to accept their ideas because this team will make them happen, one way or another. Their shared creativity may put them at the forefront of an artistic movement or inspire them to open their own interior design studio. Whatever they choose to do, however, they’ll surround themselves and their family with creative people who inspire them.

Family Affairs

Pisces and Scorpios have shared aims for their children, but they have different parenting styles. Scorpions are natural disciplinarians who will drive their children hard, but they always have the best intentions. Pisceans, on the other hand, are naturally indulgent parents who risk becoming doormats to their child’s every desire. In the best relationships, Pisces will soften Scorpio’s harshness with the lighter hand of sensitivity, and Scorpio will supply some much-needed structure to counter Pisces’ innate desire to please.

Intimate Compatibilities

Pisces and Scorpio share a penchant for intensity and innovation, especially when it comes to the physical side of a relationship. Their love lives will never be boring because both love to indulge in experimentation. They’re likely to find an almost mystical connection in their sexual lives, reveling in the intensity of their shared physical sensations.

Other Possibilities

Scorpios also work well with Capricorns, whose ambition and drive are a match for the Scorpion’s own intensity. Together, the couple can build a family dynasty or create a social network that changes their little corner of the world.

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