The Best Love Match for an Aries
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The Best Love Match for an Aries

Headstrong and bold, Aries turns seduction into an art form. Playing hard to get will definitely attract an Aries, but you may have to keep playing the game to keep a Ram’s interest, warns Jenni Kosarin in “The Everything Astrology Book: Follow the Stars to Find Love, Success and Happiness.” Aries lovers tend to have a wandering eye, but one astrological sign has enough natural sparkle to keep a Ram’s attention for the long term.

The Best Match for an Aries

Aries are enchanted by variety, which makes them a natural match for Gemini, the sign that personifies a dual nature. Twins offer far more than variety to the Ram, though. Gemini is a match to Aries in vivacity and approach to life. The two signs are equally spontaneous and impulsive, which would present a problem if they weren’t both also ambitious enough to work toward a goal together. The biggest problem facing an Aries-Gemini couple is the tendency each has to seek novelty. If they can each keep the other fully engaged, their relationship will sparkle for a lifetime.

Social Lives

Whether they’re hosting the party or attending it, the Aries-Gemini couple are often the center of attraction. They’ll throw themselves into the social whirl with a passion, inviting friends to join them for dinner, game nights and movie nights. While both the Ram and the Twins love to be the center of attention, they’re content to share the spotlight with each other as long as neither feels that the other is neglecting him.

Family Affairs

Aries and Gemini may struggle with parenting, thanks to their tendency to alternate periods of intense focus with total inattention. They bring complementary parenting strengths to the family, which can compensate for the possibility of benign neglect. Aries helps keep the family on track with doctors’ appointments, budgets and other types of organization, while Gemini keeps the lines of communication open, both within the family and outside it.

Physical Compatibility

Aries and Gemini share a “special compatibility,” writes Joanna Woolfolk in “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need,” along with a lack of inhibition and eagerness to try new things. While they both have a strong sexual drive, they both also thoroughly enjoy a scintillating conversation and can talk for hours without boring each other. Gemini’s versatility will keep Aries entertained for a lifetime.

Other Matches

Aries may also find lasting love with a Sagittarius, a sign that easily matches the Ram’s temperament for adventure, spontaneity and extravagance. They may have epic fights when they butt heads, but they’ll usually make up with equal intensity.

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