Does Caffeine Make You Lose Weight?
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Does Caffeine Make You Lose Weight?

It’s difficult to imagine a day without your caffeine. Whether it’s a cup of tea or a mug of coffee, caffeine is a daily friend that accompanies you through your morning routine and daily activities. Caffeine may also be a companion throughout your weight loss journey. If you enjoy the company of some caffeine each day, bring it along for some weight loss support.


There have been a smattering of studies conducted to investigate caffeine’s role in weight loss. Some have found that caffeine accelerates your metabolism. These claims argue that caffeine will stimulate your energy burning processes. Others have found that caffeine can make you feel full, limiting the amount you want to eat. Some studies show that caffeine dehydrates your body, causing water loss.


Caffeine doesn’t come without its risks. While stimulating your metabolism, caffeine may also stimulate the rest of your body. You may find yourself with heart palpitations or restless legs. This is especially troubling in the afternoon and evening when you are ready to start resting. Too much caffeine in a day can lead to insomnia and other sleep problems.

How To Do It

If you enjoy a cup of coffee or two each morning, continue with this routine to allow caffeine to work with you in your weight loss goals. If you work out each morning, drink a cup or two before running, jogging or swimming. This jolt of caffeine will give you the boost you need to work out to the best of your ability.

How Not To Do It

A simple cup of coffee is full of caffeine and low in calories. If you enjoy a coffee mixture or latte, you may be introducing calories, sugar and fat that will not be supportive to your weight loss goals. Drinking a coffee drink from your local coffee shop, full of milk, syrups and whipped cream can add extra calories to the amount you consume each day. Avoid these sweet treats if you want caffeine to fight your weight loss.

Medical Attention

Caffeine pills are often marketed as weight loss supplements. Be careful when considering these drugs. These little pills can be quite high in caffeine, which can lead to restlessness and other problems. Talk with your doctor before medicating yourself with any weight loss pills.

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