Cool Kids’ Costume Ideas
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Cool Kids’ Costume Ideas

Kids commonly enjoy exercising their creativity and dressing in outlandish costumes. For lovers of playing dress-up, Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to truly throw caution to the wind and dress in a fashion that would never be accepted on any other day of the year. As you begin your quest to select or prepare the perfect Halloween costumes, consider some less common options that deviate a bit from the norm to ensure that your kid stands out while hitting the pavement in his quest for a sugar buzz.

Washing Machine

Provide your child with a sudsy costume option by creating a whimsical washing machine outfit. To create this costume, locate a large box. Spray paint the box white or silver so that it resembles a typical washing machine. Cut the bottom out of the box, and create a child-head-sized round opening in the top into which your child can slide his head. Attach a piece of cardboard to the back, and create dials using Styrofoam cups or another round piece of scrap. Finish your design by drawing a round circle in the center of the box and decorating it to resemble a washing machine window. Add more excitement to the design by attaching socks or other small garments in a fashion that makes it look as if they are sticking out of the door, or piling some clothes on the top of the costume, as you may find in an unkempt laundry room.

Crocodile Wrestler

Let your child live out his thrill-seeking dreams without putting him into harm’s way by creating a crocodile wrestler costume. To create this costume, dress your child in khaki clothes that you may expect an Australian outback explorer to don. Using corrugated cardboard, create an alligator head and tail. Paint your creation and decorate it so it looks as much like a real crocodile as possible. Attach the head to the tail with a length of fabric or ribbon that is approximately 18 inches long. Once finished, hang the cardboard crocodile on your child’s neck, resting the head on one side and the tail on the other so it looks as if your adventurer has defeated the beast.


Make your child look good enough to eat for Halloween by crafting a sandwich costume. Begin by creating bread-shaped pieces of felt, sized to cover your child’s torso and extend down to his knees. Cut four equal-sized bread pieces, and sew them together in pairs, stuffing them to make the sandwich look full and tasty. Select common sandwich filling to place in your tasty treat costume, including tomato, lettuce, cheese and an assortment of meats. Using felt, cut out shapes that resemble these fillings. Sew them along the insides of your bread pieces. Finally, attach your two bread pieces using thick ribbon or fabric along the top and sides to create a sign board-style creation into which your child can slip. Place the costume over your kid’s head, and he is ready to trick or treat.

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