6 Things to Help Cure Morning Sickness
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6 Things to Help Cure Morning Sickness

Early pregnancy involves many changes to you and your body. While you may anticipate the exciting developments occurring within your uterus, physical changes to your body can disrupt your sense of enthusiasm. Morning sickness, a common occurrence during the first months of pregnancy, may leave you feeling uncomfortable and exhausted. Although this symptom usually resolves as your pregnancy progresses, certain actions and precautions may help ease the feelings of nausea.

Fresh Air

Avoid smells that may trigger feelings of nausea. Cooking smells or foods with strong odors often increase feelings of morning sickness. Have a fan running or a kitchen window open when cooking, and have a window open when you drive.

Watch Your Diet

Avoid greasy, fried foods, such as french fries and onion rings. Many expectant mothers find that dairy products may make nausea worse, although yogurt may help ease the discomfort. Spicy foods can also make you feel nauseous. Eating bland foods may help reduce the discomfort of morning sickness.


Soda crackers may help settle your stomach. Nibble on a couple of crackers about 15 minutes before you get out of bed. Keep small packages of soda crackers in your purse, desk or car.

Separate Fluids and Solids

Avoid drinking with your meals. Although you may need a small sip of water to wash down your food, avoid drinking large amounts of water while eating. Sip small amounts of tea, juice and water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Stop drinking about 30 minutes before your meals and resume drinking about 30 minutes after you finish eating.

Hard Candies

Suck on a piece of hard candy if you experience unpleasant tastes or odors that lead to vomiting. The scent and flavor of a piece of lemon candy or a breath mint can help reduce the sensation of nausea and upset stomach. Keep these small candies handy.


The American College of Nurse-Midwives recommends consuming products with ginger to decrease the severity of your nausea. Many types of foods and drinks, such as ginger snaps, ginger ale and ginger root tea, contain this helpful spice. When on the go, try chewing on ginger gum to help reduce feelings of nausea. Look for these products in your local health food store.

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