10 Hottest Hairstyles
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10 Hottest Hairstyles

Hot hairstyles are popular hair trends. Most have been around for years, but they keep coming back with new twists and variations. The hottest hairstyles are those that famous personalities wear and that customers often request at their hairstylist’s shop. Hottest hairstyles are all around you, including the celluloid screens and the magazines.

Bob Cut

If there is one hairstyle that a woman can usually identify with, it is the bob cut. A bob cut is not only one of the hottest hairstyles; it is also a classic. It was hot when it debuted in the 1920s, and it is still hot today. Many variations of the bob cut came and went through the years, which include the inverted bob of the 2000s, but the foundation remains the same. Its signature style is the same length of hair on both sides and the back, with or without bangs. The classic look is at chin level with bangs.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut gives women an option for low-maintenance hair. One caveat about the pixie cut–it is not for everyone. This short hairstyle is a boyish cut with exposed face, ears and back of the neck. Therefore, if you are someone who is too conscious about your facial flaws, the pixie cut is not for you. Wrinkles, zits and scars are more evident in this hairstyle. However, it is still a popular hairstyle for those with flawless features or for brave women with not-so-perfect skin who want to have an easy-care hairstyle.


Whether it is wavy or kinky (tight) curls, curly hair is one of the hottest hair trends that women with straight hair choose to add volume to their hair. Often, women who are tired of their straight hair choose curly hairstyles just to experiment on a different kind of hair texture. Get permanent curls at the salon or use any size of barrel-shaped curling iron to give your hair that temporary curly style at home. Some variations through the years have been the Afro, wavy, big curls, frizzy curls, short-and-curly and long-and-messy waves.

Straight and Sleek Hairstyle

For those with natural wavy or curly hair, the straight-and-sleek hairstyle is a popular choice. Often referred to as a celebrity Sedu hairstyle, popularized by actress Jennifer Aniston, the straight-and-sleek hairstyle uses a ceramic flat iron to achieve the look. Salons offer a straightening treatment that can last up to a year for those who want it more permanent.


French braid, princess braid, milkmaid braids and simple headband braids are always hot, especially during proms and weddings. Weaving is the main signature style of braided hairstyles. Add embellishments, such as ribbons and pins, while braiding to make this hairstyle more visually appealing.


If you want a hairstyle that features different layers from front to back, then a layered hairstyle is for you. Achieve blunt or choppy locks by layering. Go long or short, as long as you add layers. Add spikes on top if desired. For more depth, add curls to your long, layered hairstyle.


Whether you are having a bad hair day or you simply want to keep you hair tied up, you can opt for a ponytail. Options available are sleek ponytails, one-sided ponytails, double ponytails or braided ponytails. Pulling hair to the back and tying it with elastic band is the signature style of the ponytail.


Weddings, proms or any special occasion traditionally calls for an updo. Recently, however, the messy updo is tied in a bun or pinned in place with bobby pins.


The punk-rock revolution of the early 1980s catapulted the punk hairstyle into fame. Mohawks and emo are punk styles that defy the norm. Wearing punk and emo styles stemmed from emotions that define their generations. The signature style for a punk hairstyles is adding lots of spikes and gel.

Colored Hair

This last hot hair trend is different because it does not describe any particular cut, but the color instead. Aside from the usual, blonde, black, brunette and red hair, colors like platinum blonde, yellow, pink, purple, blue and berry red can make any type of hairstyle sizzling hot. Adding full hair color, streaks or dual tones are choices you can opt for when coloring your hair.

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