What you HAVE to Tell Your Kids About Sex
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What you HAVE to Tell Your Kids About Sex

In the United States, nearly one in three girls will get pregnant before she turns 20, and half of all young adults will get an STD by the time they turn 25. If you’re the parent of a teen/tween, you’ve probably come to the hard realization that you’re going to have to speak with them about sex. Will it be embarrassing? Possibly. Awkward? Most likely. But will it also make your kids less likely to become a statistic? Without a doubt. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 87% of teens say that it would be easier for them to postpone sex and avoid pregnancy if they were able to have more open and honest conversations with their parents.

The Top 5

I’ve spent that last 8 years speaking with young people about sex, and these are the top 5 things you HAVE to tell your kids about sex. (But please, don’t stop here…)

Oral Sex is Sex

Yes you can have oral sex and still be a virgin, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal psychically (you can still get STDs) or emotionally.

Don’t Publish It

Anything posted on the Internet lasts forever, and texts can be shown to anyone, if it’s not something you would say or show to a large group of people, don’t send it in a text, e-mail, or post it on Facebook.

Condoms Should Not Be Awkward

Using a condom shouldn’t feel awkward, or upset/insult your partner. Using a condom is just part of sex, and any partner who cares about you will be happy to use one.

To Girls:

Having sex isn’t going to make someone care about you, change the course of your relationship, or create feelings that aren’t there.

To Guys:

Sex is a big deal for guys too. It’s not something you should feel automatically ready for just because you’re a guy.

About Amber

Amber Madison is a 26-year-old award winning sex educator, lecturer and author. She graduated from Tufts University in 2005 where she studied human sexuality and wrote a popular sex column for the school newspaper. She is the author of “Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality,” for high school and college aged women, and “Talking Sex With Your Kids: Keeping Them Safe and You Sane By Knowing What They’re Really Thinking, ” a book about teens/tweens’ misunderstandings, thoughts, and concerns about sex, and how to communicate with them about it in a realistic, productive and relevant way. She’s a frequently quoted in national publications and has appeared on the Today Show, MTV, NPR and dozen of local TV and radio broadcasts. www.AmberMadisonOnline.com

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