Jessica Simpson Wants a Baby (with her Gay Hairdresser?)!
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Jessica Simpson Wants a Baby (with her Gay Hairdresser?)!

Jessica Simpson wants a baby. That’s right, the singing beauty,30, is covering all her bases to be certain she gets to be called Mommy.

If she is not settled down with a hubby by the age of 40, she says she will have a baby with Ken Paves, her gay best friend and hairdresser. She has vowed that being single will not stop her from having a little one to coo at. “Why not?” she says. 

Good for her, right? I mean, she has the means to do it.

But it would be a controversial move, especially for this Southern Belle. And kind of tricky…

Ken Paves is ready and willing. He told the NY Daily News, “I’m ready now! I’ve been trying to convince her to do it before I turn 40, which is two years.”

Hold strong Jessica, you’ve still got time to find the man of your dreams (and your baby daddy). We’ve got faith.

Jess admits that her maternal instincts have kicked themselves into high-gear since becoming an aunt to baby sister Ashlee Simpson’s baby Bronx.

Will we see a new, little curvy blonde Simpson anytime soon? Hmmm…

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