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What to REALLY Get Mom for Mother's Day

There is a reason why people who get a 30-second spot on television often hold up a sign saying “Hi Mom!” Nobody makes you feel better than your own mother. She has been through it all. She was there with a Spiderman band-aid and a kiss when you scraped your knee, she was there when your first crush broke your heart, and she was there cheering the loudest when you won state championships, got your driver’s license, and your high school diploma. No matter what, you know Mom is always standing by to help you through the good times and the bad. But let’s face it guys, Mom is exhausted. It’s hard being the personal assistant, chauffeur, homework tutor, soccer coach, psychologist, career counselor, and chef all in one day. So Dads and kids listen up! Instead of flower arrangements and French toast, let’s give Mom what she really wants (and needs) this Mother’s Day – a break!

Sarah on “playing mom for the day”

“They say the best gifts in life are free. I’m not saying I’d turn down diamond earrings or a trip to Fiji right now, but it is definitely true, especially when it comes to Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed is great, but what I would really love this year would be to get a free pass for the entire day. No laundry, no diaper changes, no errands, no cooking, and all the time to myself to just relax — but with the knowledge that it’s not just piling up for me to tackle tomorrow. Knowing that my husband was doing all of it for the day would be the greatest gift.”

Alicia on “having a game plan”

“We all know that being a Mom can be the most rewarding job, but it’s also really difficult! Husbands and sons need to plan ahead to give Mom a truly relaxing and memorable day off.” If you have to ask Mom what to do, where to go, and who to call, it takes away from the wonderful gift of doing nothing that you are giving her. What can you take off Mom’s plate for the day that will make her feel the most rested or rewarded? Think about it and then plan how you will do it way in advance of Mother’s Day.” Here are three more ways to get yourself organized to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Divide and Conquer.

Many men are both sons and husbands. Mother’s Day is not only about celebrating your mother, but also your wife, so remember to honor both. Sometimes this means splitting the day if your mother lives nearby. Plan to spend brunch doting on your own mother, while dinner is dedicated to your wife. Or, if you live far away, plan a Skype conference call for a high-tech way to spread the love.

2. Planning, Planning, and More Planning.

If you don’t typically share all of the chores with your wife, then don’t wait until that day to find out where she keeps the spices or the ironing board. Similarly, if you are taking her out for dinner, don’t wait until that day to ask where she wants to go or make the reservation. The more organized you are (or seem), the more chances for a stress-free day.

3. Round up the Troops.

Any good captain knows that assembling the proper team is the way to win and there is no shame in bringing in a support team. If you have young children, call other Dad friends and arrange a group outing to the local park, library, or museum. Definitely let the kids in on the plan…if they helped plan if there are fewer chances for the “I’m bored” chants from the back seat.

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