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What's Your Dream Mother's Day?

This Mother’s Day, we asked some moms to dream big. We wanted to know what their perfect Mother’s Day would be. “Let your mind run wild,” we told them. “Be completely unrealistic: A day on a private island in the Bahamas? A day on a yacht with your kids? Your hubby surprising you with breakfast in bed? Sleep? Don’t hold back.” What did we get? A whole lot of enticing, imaginative and beautiful days. So, read on and take a few minutes to daydream with us.

Sheryle’s Day

My day would start with a private jet from Toronto Airport to then fly myself and my two children to LA where a limousine would be awaiting our arrival. The next few hours would be spent shopping with one street that was only the top shoe stores. We would then be flown up to the mountains for an afternoon of skiing and snowboarding. Of course Michael Weatherly from NCIS would join us for the afternoon and then on to dinner in San Francisco under the stars and the lights on the bridge. -Sheryle Shillington, www.BoscoandYokisfamilyguide.webs.com.

Christine’s Day

I would wake up to a beautiful clear day in a villa overlooking the Mediterranean. Sitting at a white table set with crystal and silver on a bougainvillea covered veranda would be my NANA (My grandmother who raised me and who died ten years ago from the ravages of Alzheimer’s). Also sitting there ,healthy and strong would be my silent but enduringly cheerful Babo ( My grandfather). Both would be like the black and white pictures I have seen. He about thirty, handsome and dapper, she a bit younger with a twinkle in her eye. The next guest would be my 96 year old father-in-law Ben and my long gone mother-in-law Mildred. They would also be in their twenties and thirties, young and happy. Most importantly my husband John and my two daughters Alex and Tori would be there. As much as I miss the joy of their childhood I would want them there just as they are now. Alex embarking on a movie career and Tori excitedly studying the oceans. I would want to spend the entire day just talking. Letting my girls really experience their grandparents, telling them their hopes and dreams and me having the ability to tell everyone the gratitude and love I feel for them. That would be a perfect day! -Christine G Taylor, christinegrogantaylor.wordpress.com/

Janel’s Day

Bliss………Waking up on Mother’s day to the sounds of my 2 year old making pancakes with his dad. He would totally be the boss in the kitchen and demand that he would be the one to carry the tray to me. I would be pretending to sleep and he would say “mommy you brefast”! The best part of this morning would be that mess that was left behind in the kitchen would be magically cleaned up by the Housekeeper that just so happened to move in that same day. -Janel Cruz, www.janelgoesrunning.blogspot.com.

Carmen’s Day

I would have to say that my dream Mother’s Day would include a stay at a family-friendly beach resort with my husband, our 4 girls, and my mom. My mom and I would spend a good chunk of time in the spa on Mother’s Day relaxing and getting pampered, and then we’d go shopping for a couple of hours. We would end the day by getting dressed up to go out for a nice dinner all together. And then my husband would let me sleep in the next day! Thanks for asking! It is nice to dream isn’t it? -Carmen Chopp, www.4outthedoor.wordpress.com

Amy’s Day

My perfect mother’s day would be one of two things: A day at home all by myself to get caught up with the things that I want to do without any interruptions, etc. A day to sit and watch TV during the day, look at a magazine or just relax on the deck with a drink or a day away from home with my husband and kids. It doesn’t need to be anywhere extravagant, just away from home and all the things that “should” be done. It could be as simple as going to a park, out for lunch and then for a family walk. -Amy Van Beck, http://mytipstoshare.blogspot.com/

Teri’s Day

Hmm, normally on Mothers Day we all go to the garden shop and everyone helps me plant all day long (we have an acre with lots of flower and vegetable beds). My dream Mother’s Day would be that my husband had preordered all of the flowers and plants and hired a landscaper to do the work so we could go out for breakfast then be able to go to the beach and play all day. He’d have packed up a picnic basket for a late, lazy lunch and then we’d come home to our fabulous yard all planted. We’d have sand in our shoes but no dirt under our fingernails!- Teri Garrett VanDerLaan, www.mamasandmunchkins.com

Kristin’s Day

My dream Mother’s Day would start with me sleeping in (until at least 6!) and being woken up by my husband and three kids. After a little bit of snuggle time we would all head downstairs for a delicious breakfast that Rachael Ray had whipped up in our kitchen especially for us. After eating our calorie free (for me!) meal we would all get ready to begin our day of fun. My team of stylists would be waiting upstairs for me with an outfit and, after dressing, I would have a seat while my hair and make-up people worked their magic. Now it would be time to head to the local greenhouse as a family to select all of our plants for our flower and vegetable gardens. We would select plants that produce only the most beautiful of flowers and luscious of vegetables. Upon arriving home, the five of us would happily spend the day digging in the dirt in the perfect 70 degree weather while Martha Stewart and Paula Dean worked together to clean the house and prepare a delicious supper. After devouring our meal (again calorie free for me!) we would all cuddle up on the couch enjoying each other and talking about our wonderful day and I would know (as I always do) that I am the luckiest girl in the world. (By the way….this is my actual day except with a few additions to the cast of characters!) Happy Mother’s Day to all- Kristin, reviewedbymom.blogspot.com

Wendy’s Day

Wake up slowly at a beach resort. Shower, slippers, cozy robe. Breakfast, latte, glorious sun out on the deck watching the waves roll in, smiling at the kids already dressed and happily digging in the sand. Family swim in the pool, followed by facial, hair, makeup and into a beautiful outfit picked just for you. Long delicious dinner paired with wine in a place where kids are free to roam and play. Cards, adorable pictures of children, and a whole lot of love. With sleeping angels, it’s back out on the deck with hubby for champagne, waves, and a toast to an amazing day!
Wendy Anderson, GiveLoveCreateHappiness.com

Katie’s Day

My dream mother’s day would be having my 2 teenagers do everything I have asked them to do for years! They both know they need to clean their rooms, put dishes in the dishwasher, clean up after themselves, but I always have to remind them and then I become a “nag”! I would love to be able to sit in my backyard with some beautiful flowers, sipping lemonade and reading a great book while the kids are cleaning the house and not complaining while doing it! What a day that would be 🙂 Katie, momsfunmoney.com

Lindsay’s Day

My husband surprises me and jets us off to a private home in Maui, where we are greeted by my entire family (Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister). We spend two weeks together, enjoying and celebrating the love in our family!! Mother’s Day is spent with a morning walk on the beach, followed by spa appointments all day for mom and me, and then a nice dinner with everyone outside!
*We have never been on a vacation together as one big family and my entire family lives in NJ while we are in LA!

A morning “off”, no rushing to Starbucks, no making the family “oatmeal”, no laundry, etc. I get to relax in bed, enjoy a nice workout alone, have brunch at Shutters, followed by a drive up the coast, walk on the beach, and dinner at Geoffreys! Not bad 🙂 -Lindsay Leone, mammaleone.blogspot.com.

Daenel’s Day

My dream Mother’s Day would be for my family and me to go on a two week long vacation. The first half of our vacation would have us driving from our home in Pennsylvania to California in an RV. We’d stop at historic venues along the way to enjoy all that this great country of ours has to offer. Each of my four children would have their own cameras so they could take pictures and record our adventures. I’d also want them to keep a journal of our travels so they could look back and remember the fun we had. Once we arrived in California, we’d board a Disney Cruise Line and set sail for the Bahamas. Yes, I realize this is supposed to be Mother’s Day but it’s my fantasy, so I can extend Mother’s Day if I want. -Daenel Vaughn-Tucker, http://livingoutsidethestacks.com

Thank you

We would like to thank all of our mom bloggers who shared their dreamy days with us. We wish you all the best Mother’s Day in the world; you deserve it!

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