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Please. Don't Get Me This for Mother's Day

I don’t mean to sound non-grateful in any way shape or form, and let me state in writing that the best gifts for Mother’s Day are the simple gifts like a homemade card, breakfast in bed or handmade coupons telling me you’re going to clean your room and not throw a fit when it’s bedtime. But, husbands, boyfriends, mom and dad, if you ARE going to get me something for Mother’s Day, I would stay away from the following things as I (nor most moms) will likely not enjoy these…at all…

1. Cleaning Products

No matter what, don’t get cleaning products for your mom or wife — not even for your mother-in-law! Even if they are lavender, beautifully smelling or organic, no moms want to be reminded that the house isn’t clean.

2. A Mug

Unless it’s homemade, stay away from getting a mug at your local coffee shop — it says “I was desperate and didn’t know what to get you so hey, here’s a mug!” It’s pretty lame. Instead, get a Starbucks gift card or fresh coffee.

3. “World’s Best”

Anything with “world’s best mom” like a t-shirt is a no-no. We probably won’t wear anything displaying what a great mom we are — unless we’re inside the house.

4. Kitchen Appliances

Anything kitchen related is probably off-limits — we got toasters and coffee makers for our weddings (years ago) we don’t want to get these on Mother’s Day. Other kitchen things like pots, knives — no thank you.

5. An E-Card

An E-card seems like a super last minute gift, like “hey mom, love ya, here’s an email!” Get creative and make a card rather than emailing. Or, go to the market and buy a card, there’s tons of options out there.

6. Snuggies

If you don’t know what they are look it up and you’ll see why this might just be the worst gift on the planet. Heinous, right?

7. Anything for the Kids

Getting something for the kids is kind of “eh”, it’s Mother’s Day! Get something for mom! Moms go out and buy things for their kids all year long, it’s time mom gets something for herself. She will appreciate it.

8. Nothing

Getting nothing, not even a “Happy Mother’s Day” would be pretty awful. Moms don’t need an expensive gift, we don’t need a massage (though it would be nice) or a mani/pedi (though we desperately need one) or anything fancy (though we won’t return a blue box from Tiffany’s) — no, just kidding. But getting absolutely nothing would not be so nice…

9. Something You’re Allergic To

The only one who might give this as a gift is someone who secretly doesn’t like you. If you receive this make a note in your mind as to who is not receiving a birthday present this year.

10. Happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy the day with your family! We are blessed. Even if you get one of the above, let’s face it — you’ve got the most important thing in life. Right?

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