Easy Halloween Crafts for Moms
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Easy Halloween Crafts for Moms

Halloween fun isn’t just for the kids. You can grab your craft supplies and pull together a ghoulish craft in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to add a haunting glow to your decorations or want to trick or treat your kids, you can put together a simple craft that will delight your kids.


When kids go trick or treating these days, the tricking has nearly disappeared. Resurrect this fallen tradition by creating a sweet little craft that will spook your kids or partner. You can set these up before they come home from school or work and watch them jump with glee. Cut out pieces of black construction paper to look like bats and twist pipe cleaners to look like spiders. Glue two bat pieces together with a penny in between, to weigh them down. String the spiders and bats onto fishing wire. Tape a series of bats and spiders over a door jam, on the inside. When your loved ones come home, they will be greeted with creepy creatures.


If your idea of fun is surprising your little ones with a holiday treat, create individual, spirited little cupcakes to celebrate the season. Decide what you want to create and dye the cake batter with food coloring to match. For instance, if you want to make a Frankenstein, use green. For a jack-o-lantern, use orange. Bake a cupcake in opaque paper liner or one to match the color of the batter. Top with matching frosting. Now comes the crafty part. You can glue Frankenstein bolts or paper shapes to the side to create your Halloween creature. If you don’t want to do cupcakes, decorate the paper liner as you wish and fill it with matching jelly beans or other candies.


Although child might come home with a backpack full of Halloween crafts, it’s fun to put together some crafts you can’t do with the kids, because they involved flames or sharp objects. You can make ghostly decorations for the porch or front yard with milk jugs and a tea candle. Glue or tape some ghostly eyes and mouths on the jugs. Cut a hole in the back of the jugs and place a tea candle in the bottom. Light in the evening for a spooky effect. For a similar effect, cut different shapes out of a paper bag, fill with 1 inch of sand and nestle a tea candle in the sand. Line your sidewalk or patio with your luminaries.

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