5 Time-Saving Ways to Work Out in Your Office
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5 Time-Saving Ways to Work Out in Your Office

Want to get fit but have trouble finding time to work out? Here are five ways to feel the burn while you’re at work!

1. Office Chair Abs

Use your office chair as an ab roller. If you’re not too dressed up, get on your knees with your elbows on the chair, keep your abs engaged while you roll out your chair and roll it back in towards you. Be sure to keep your back straight.

2. Chair Lifts

Do some chair lifts every hour. With your hands on the edge of your chair, lift your body as high as you can and lower slowly without using your legs, keeping your back straight and engaging your abs. This is a great exercise that really works  your arms and abs that you can do right at your desk.

3. Phone Fitness

Instead of sitting and chatting, stand up whenever you make phone calls to increase calorie-burning. For an added boost, try walking in place or pacing back and forth by your desk. Remember, every extra step adds up!

4. Lunch Break Walks

Walking at lunch is a great way to burn extra calories. A 140-lb woman walking at a normal pace will burn about 80 calories per mile. Add in a mile walk during your lunch break can burn almost an additional 400 calories! An extra motivator is to team up with other fitness-minded people in the office, especially other moms. Get moving together!

5. Take the Stairs

If your office has stairs, take advantage of them! You can double-step to really work your butt. You can also run up the stairs, or side-step, stepping up the stairs sideways, to get your inner-thighs burning.

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