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Sometimes, All We Need Is "Sorry"

Isn’t it true, that women are often the ones that want to talk things through, while men zone out during conflict in a relationship? It is so annoying! The other night, my husband and I got into it — and when I went in to talk things through (even though it was not my fault) he turned the television on louder as to not hear me or have to deal. Rude.

Who Is At Fault?

Here’s the deal, we ALL make mistakes. According to my guy, I push his buttons, and then he explodes. Yet, I do not believe I’m pushing his buttons at all — I am usually just TALKING! I am an inquisitive person that likes to learn and grow and know things. Example: I set the table for dinner the other night even though there was a game on. He did not say, “Oh, can I watch the game instead?” He actually helped me set the table. We sat down, and I began a one way conversation to which he answered only my questions. He did not ask one thing about me: Not, “how was your day honey?” Not, “So what’s going on at work,” nada. Nothing. He was secretly pissed that we were sitting at the table, and he was missing the game.

Who Is Right In This Fight?

So I said, “Aren’t you going to ask me about my day?” “I’m tired,” he said and walked into the bedroom and got into bed. I followed him in, “wait a minute, what are you doing?” “I’m tired,” he said. Ok, let me get this straight, what you’re really mad about is you “have” to sit at the dinner table instead of watching the game, but you say “you’re tired” because…why??? I clean up the dishes, go into the livingroom, pour a glass of wine and turn on the T.V. Disappointed, because I thought we would have a night to sit down and have dinner, the two of us. No such luck. I understand guys don’t want to be chatty Kathy all the time, but is it so bad your wife made dinner and you’re enjoying a meal? Whatever.

Three Days Later…

He hasn’t really talked to me. The only thing he said is that I keep “grinding” him, and why did I have to do a sit down dinner when the game was on. Oh, well, I didn’t know as a woman, we are supposed to work, cook, clean, do laundry, take care of the kids, AND read minds! Wow, sorry about that dude! Listen, next time, maybe you should let me know what is going on in your head rather than letting me guess and getting all pissed off. Am I right or am I wrong?

Just Friggin Say Sorry!

I’ve still not gotten an apology. Sometimes, all women need is a simple “sorry” to make things better. But guys, like asking for directions, often negate that. They’re either not sorry or they are too stubborn to say it. If I got a text message or email right now saying “Hey babe, sorry about the other night,” I’d likely go home after work, make dinner and do a picnic on the couch. But he doesn’t, so I won’t. Tonight, he can make his own dinner — I am going out with the girls. Sorrrrrry!

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