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Live the Journey. It's the Reward.

Each and every day is filled with gifts, lessons, openings, opportunities and messages, yet we rarely take the time to be present enough to see all the beauty that each day holds. “Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey. The journey is the reward.” -Chinese Proverb

We forget about “B.”

We are all living in such a paced world rushing to get from A-C that we forget about “B, the true journey.

In my practice and in life I have come across so many people who are focused on the end result and what they think is the prize: When I am married then I will feel secure, if I get this job then I will be happy, when I have a child my life will have meaning. I have watched people become like a racehorse on the track with blinders on running as fast as they can towards the finish line, not seeing or noticing anything along the way. When we do this we miss out on EVERYTHING. It’s in the process of getting there that you will find what you are looking for.

Focus on the Journey Not the Destination

This quote reminds me of when people are trying to have a baby . So many of us focus getting pregnant instead of enjoying the moment. It’s in the act of making the baby that the juicy gifts are held. That’s where you connect to and find love and intimacy. I personally feel it’s a much better energy to bring a child into the world rather then “come on, hurry up lets get this over with so we can get pregnant already.”

“A Jug Fills Drop By Drop.” -Buddha

How can we live in the moment and enjoy getting there as much as being there? It’s important to have goal and know where we want to go. We can’t beam ourselves there; it takes time and an unfolding of events. Just like the Buddha says, “a jug fills drop by drop“. It’s in the journey where the magic happens. It’s in this period where you will begin to see where life is guiding you, there will be signs, red flags, synchronicities, openings. However, if you are living with blinders on you won”t see any of them but when you begin to connect with the journey you will be living in flow. The universe is always guiding you, giving you lessons and opportunities for growth that are for your highest good. You will always be given what you need.

An Example

A few months ago I began teaching my transformational healing in a class. I have been doing it privately and just recently started teaching a weekly class.

The first time I taught I lost my voice and a friend suggested to me that I should find a voice coach to help me. The next day I went to get my hair colored and said hi to my friend Adam who cuts my hair, explaining to him that I taught a class and lost my voice. Adam, who was cutting someone’s hair at this time said: “Well then you must meet my client, David Coury. David is a famous voice coach that just happened to be doing a workshop called, “ Transform your voice, transform your life “ for women only that coming weekend. I believe there are no accidents, like I said, when you are living the journey the universe will give you all you need to help get you to where you are going. Needless to say I signed up ASAP and in that workshop I got all the tools I needed to reclaim and find my voice.

Let Go

Let go of what’s not working or that’s no longer a match. When we cling to old ways, afraid to change or lose our false sense of security, we stay stuck and stop the flow of life. This causes sadness and depression. When we let go of control and open up to trusting our ever-unfolding path it allows us to go will the current of where life is guiding us.

Follow Your Inner Tickle

My WONDERFUL teacher Michele Meiche has taught me to tune into the openings, what is working? What gives me joy? What resonates? To pay attention to what others are saying, becoming aware of the “You shoulds “, or what are you hearing or seeing over and over again? Listen for your messages!

Things to Ponder

Where are the openings for you right now? Where are you being pulled? What is happening easily for you? What gives you joy ? Where are you struggling?

“A Good Traveler Has No Fixed Plans”

Do you have a starting point, “ A “? Do you have an end result in mind,” C”? Make a conscious choice to live in “B”, the journey. By living the journey and going with the flow you might end up in an even better place then you had ever thought possible.

Guide Me, Please.

Think of something you would like to have more of in your life, Lets say health. Think about it and ask the universe to help guide you (you obviously need to take action as well, this helps get the energy moving). Begin to pay attention to who or what shows up in your life. Become aware of books, websites, blogs , trainers , healers , nutritionists …. People might recommend to you or that you just happen to stumble upon. Pay attention if you suddenly get a hunch to go somewhere or do something different, DO IT!! Look for the signs and the messages; they are EVERYWHERE just waiting to be seen and heard.

The Present

Practice being in the present.. Have a plan but be flexible and open to the outcome. Be in the journey, go with the flow, and don’t swim against it. Tune into the magic and beauty that each moment of every day holds. “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that will only create sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in what ever way they like “. – Lao – Tzu

About the Author

Lori Bregman is an intuitive Healer, inspirational Life-Coach, Doula, & transformational body-Worker. Lori Bregman has over twenty years of experience assisting clients transform their lives and getting them onto their own healthy and unique paths.


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