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Britney Gets Animated, Sarah Jessicas Slip-up-filled Photo Shoot, + Hugh Laments TV Persona

Britney Spears has shot a new music video. However, you won’t see the mother of two in it. Instead, an anime cartoon version of the pop star—clad in a futuristic bodysuit–will star in the screen rendition of her latest single, “Break the Ice.” People magazine reports that going animated was Britney’s idea. Looking at the screen shots, the idea was a great one and I’ll certainly be watching to see how the video turns out.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker ran into some bad luck on the set of her Vogue magazine photo shoot with famed photog Annie Leibovitz. The “Sex and the City” star narrowly escaped a soaking: this weekend, as SJP was posing on a tiny boat in New York’s East River, a giant wave crashed against it. The previous day, SJP was posing for Annie at New York’s Lincoln Center when she tripped on red-carpeted stairs and fell over. Hopefully, the photos will come out better than the shoot itself went!

Dad of three Hugh Laurie, 48, sounds almost as grouchy as his title character Dr. House when talking about his acting prowess on the hugely popular drama series. The actor won a Golden Globe for his title role on “House,” although, he said recently he can’t even watch himself on the show. As for his American accent, the British-born Hugh is just as critical. “I hate seeing myself, but it’s even worse hearing my American accent–I had no idea I sound so monotone, full of clunking mistakes,” he said. Ultimately, Hugh is surprised the show has lasted so long. He said won’t move his family from their London home to Los Angeles where he shoots is because he doesn’t want to jinx his good fortune. “I didn’t want my family to live here…the moment we put down roots the whole thing will be called off.” I think the poor guy shouldn’t be so hard on himself!

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