Tom Cruise On His Own Mission: Impossible
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Tom Cruise On His Own Mission: Impossible

According to TMZ late Monday evening, Michael Davis Sapir is suing Tom Cruise for $5 million. He claims that the actor, his attorney Bert Fields and private investigator Anthony Pellicano conspired to spy on him.  

There is a history of feud between Cruise and Sapir.  In 2001, Cruise sued Sapir for $100 million after Sapir claimed he had video evidence that Cruise was engaged in a homosexual relationship. The suit was settled that year, and both parties admitted that there was no such video.

Sapir is claiming that during the 2001 lawsuit, the trio of Cruise, Fields and Pellicano illegally wiretapped his phone. Fields told TMZ that, “the allegations are absolute garbage. We did not even hire Pellicano to work on the Sapir case.” 

Cruise has not made a comment.

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