Tiger Woods’ Mom is “Hurt, Angry, Disappointed”
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Tiger Woods’ Mom is “Hurt, Angry, Disappointed”

According to PEOPLE magazine, Kultilda Woods is furious with her son. A source close to the family stated that “She wants to know how he could do this to his family.” She loves Elin and her grandchildren and does not want to see them hurt.

The source stated that Kultilda will stand by her son, regardless of his multiple infidelities. “She loves him and will support him through anything, but she needs some time to work through this.” 

According to earlier reports, Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, was unfaithful to Kultilda during their marriage. Dina Parr, Tiger’s high school girlfriend, stated that it tore Tiger apart in high school knowing that his father was adulterous. 

The source stated that Tiger will be spending the holidays on his yacht.

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