Catherine Zeta-Jones Has an Ageless Love
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Catherine Zeta-Jones Has an Ageless Love

Catherine Zeta-Jones has an ageless love. The gorgeous actress has been married to actor Michael Douglas for almost ten years. They have two children Dylan, 9, and Carys, 6, together. Zeta-Jones says that even after all this time, they do not mind the 25 year age gap at all.

Zeta-Jones, 40, told OK! Magazine, “Until someone actually tells me he’s 25 years older, I don’t actually think about it.” Good for her.

She said that in certain ways, it makes their relationship better. “I guess he’s been through the mill a bit if he can put up with me and we’re not vying for equal rights in our careers because he already is Michael Douglas.” She explained that “He’s spent all his life doing that and he can take a back seat in a way and not feel so crazed about the consciousness of his career. It works very well with the children, him being at home and me working and vice versa.”

She gushed about Michael and said that they have a wonderful marriage. “I fell in love with Michael the moment I met him and our relationship has just grown stronger and stronger. We are very close. I know there were some cynics when we first got together but we married because of love and that has never waned, not for a minute.”

We wish this beautiful family all the best.

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