Kelly Ripa on Kids, Divorce and Cooking Shows
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Kelly Ripa on Kids, Divorce and Cooking Shows

When you are as famous as Kelly Ripa, there are bound to be countless rumors about you, your marriage, and your family. In this month’s issue of Redbook Magazine, the busy mom of three talks candidly about her life. According to PEOPLE, Ripa admitted that a date night for her and husband Mark Consuelos is snuggling up for an evening of Top Chef. After they get the kids to bed early, “It’s really just about checking in, asking how the other person’s day is, and cuddling up,” Ripa states.

Ripa has encountered many a break-up rumor about her and her husband. She strongly denies them. “We argue, but we have an allegiance to each other, and we have beautiful children, and from what I hear, divorce sucks,” she states. The first year of marriage was tough, she admitted, and we argued a lot. One day we just looked at each other and realized we were in it for the long haul. So, they decided to, “just make it fun!”

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