Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant’s Funny Banter
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Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant’s Funny Banter

Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant discussed their opposing views about children and how they passed the time during the filming of their new movie, Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Parker gushed about her kids – James Wilkie, 7, and 6-month-old twins Marion and Tabitha to PEOPLE. She said “It’s the most perfectly overwhelming experience.”

When asked what items she would bring with her if she was sequestered in a witness protection program like her character in the movie – Parker’s reply was “My three children. That’s what I would somehow manage to sneak on the plane or the bus or the train or the horse and buggy. No matter what,” she said. “I’d like my husband [Matthew Broderick] to be there as well.”

Her leading man in the movie, Hugh Grant, doesn’t exactly agree with the 44-year-old actresses love of kids. He joked that “animals aren’t easy [to work with], but what’s annoying about children is that everyone loves them and I resent that. I only work with ugly children.”

He’s a funny one. He talked about filming in the remote countryside saying “we couldn’t get our cell phones to work, there was no TV. We were dreading that because we are quite spoiled, but we actually liked it. We played old fashioned charades and things like that.”

Are you going to see their new movie?

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