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The Daily Baby: J.Lo's Still a Diva, Julianne is Desperate & Victoria Shops at Target

Victoria Beckham was spotted looking quite different from her typically glamorous self this week. The Spice Girl wore a simple grey t-shirt and jeans while she perused Target in Los Angeles. An eyewitness said, “She would have looked like just your average mom had it not been for the security team behind her.” Ok, I guess Victoria couldn’t completely morph from diva to down-to-earth, but she sure looked cute in her simple clothing and make-up.

Jennifer Lopez has already gone into full-blown diva mode after the birth of her twins, Max and Emme. According to Perez Hilton, insider reports claim that she and Marc have hired six new bodyguards for the twins, and two “baby bouncers,” who watch the twins more closely and do eight-hour shifts around the clock. The couple is spending around $600,000 in security guard salaries for the protection. Also, according to a family source, J. Lo’s become a germaphobe. Perez says, “There are dispensers of hygienic cleanser strategically placed all around her homes. People are instructed to basically scrub before they come close to her precious ones. And, we kid you not, there was a purchase of what’s being called ‘a lifetime supply’ of surgical masks because anyone coming in contact with the twins must put one of the things on.”

Academy Award nominated actress and celebumom Julianne Moore is set to appear in upcoming episodes of “Desperate Housewives” as Bree’s sister, played by fellow redhead and mom, Marcia Cross. I can totally see the two of them grabbing some tea in the shade and discussing their little ones during the set breaks.

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